September 6, 2010

A Different Perspective

There was a visitor to my garden Saturday morning.   She didn't come in with any expectations or criticisms; only to be quiet and to find some solitude.  She didn't look around at all the work to be done or the projects to be completed.  She didn't mention the neglected areas of the yard where the mulch is too thin or nonexistent or the broken plants where our dog is determined to make a path through the beds.  She was appreciative and eager to enjoy a cup of tea in a peaceful setting.

As spring turns to summer, I spend a lot of time working in the garden weeding, pruning, cajoling, watering, cajoling some more but I don't spend enough time just enjoying.  So I made a date to visit my garden.

Everything I needed was there - a comfy chair, plenty to read and a nice cup of hot tea...the weather was perfect - there was a slight breeze and it was quiet!

My mind wandered toward the tasks calling me but I was very careful not to go into gardener mode.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sounds of the fountain and the singing birds; there was a wren close by calling and a cardinal too.  It was so peaceful and calming.

I began to quietly observe.  The pots planted in the spring have survived another Austin summer and are lush and happy.

There were a few hidden surprises as well waiting to be discovered...

Why don't I do this more often?  My perspective shifted.  Our gardens have so much to offer if we allow ourselves to languish there sipping tea or day dreaming as if we were a guest.  The garden is constantly evolving and the to-do list will always be waiting so let's take some time to enjoy the progress made!  I'm thinking I'll stay awhile... maybe an afternoon nap on the swing...


  1. Great post. Taking a moment to change your perspective and enjoy the different view is always a great idea in all parts of our lives. Thanks for the reminder to stop and enjoy.

  2. Beautiful pictures! And I love your message about taking time to enjoy one's own garden.

    What's up with that anole with the frilly neck ruff? Is he molting?

  3. Your garden is wonderful - I'd love to sit there and enjoy a cup of tea and the beautiful surroundings. Great post - we all need reminding to stop and smell our roses.

  4. It is easy to forget to actually enjoy the garden. I like the creeping jenny in your container. I have yet to get a photo of a hummer!

  5. I love this reminder to change perspective! Sometimes I think to myself? Who am I doing all this work for? and the answer is partly within your post. I know I wish to create something ... but you reminded me I also want to enjoy the creation.


Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.
"Pooh!" he whispered.
"Yes, Piglet?"
"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure of you."
~A.A. Milne

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