September 28, 2010

Photography as Artistic Expression

Amy at Go Away, I'm Gardening recommended the blog Gardening Gone Wild to me recently.  You can find them here:  This is a fantastic blog full of creative ideas and inspiration and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  As I was reading, I came across  This link contains a post about getting creative with images and  speaks to the question of  using photo editing software.  This is a really interesting topic and you might enjoy reading the various threads.  Personally, I fall into the photography as an artistic expression camp. In my opinion, a good photo is a good photo and a little editing can make it a great photo that inspires and expresses the photographer's creativity.

These threads got me thinking about the possibilities of using my garden photography as art to display in my home.  My family has a history of artists; my grandfather was a painter, my grandmother was a gifted seamstress,  my aunt, their daughter,  is a photographer and my sister draws.  I've always been so enamoured with their ability to paint and draw but I possess not a trace of this gene.  None.  Nada.  Zip.   But, I have discovered that with Photoshop Elements I can turn my images into a multitude of artistic styles...the possibilities are endless.  So I started playing and wanted to share a few of the results:

This Purple Coneflower is enhanced with the "dry brush" filter in Photoshop Elements 6. 

This is the same image without the filter.  In comparison, you can see that by adding the filter the photo has a subtle paint-like quality.

You really have to look closely to see the change in this photograph.  I added a texture filter over the photo which gives the background a little texture and depth without changing the quality of the subject matter.

When comparing the two images you really see how subtle the filter is but I think if it were printed for framing that the texture would add a nice quality to the background of the photo.

This is my favorite and I think it will be beautiful printed on a wrap-around canvas.  This is probably my favorite because I can't draw and it looks the most like a drawing!  This photo has the "colored pencil" filter applied and definitely looks more altered than any of the others. 

Here is the photograph without the "colored pencil" filter.

I hope these examples will inspire you to play with your photography and editing software and that we will see our homes as blank canvases ready to have our beautiful garden photography applied to them! 

I would love to hear and see how you have manipulated your photos.  Leave a link in the comment section if you would like to share.

(Sorry about the line at the top of the rose images - cropping error!) ~ Cat


  1. I have started to play around with Photoshop filters but still have lots to learn. I have liked the effect when I add a canvas texture. Its great addictive fun isn't it!

  2. To be honest, I don't think your photographs need any editing (unless for artistic expression) - they are consistently outstanding. And absolutely should be used as art in your home!

  3. Photoshop is fun! Thank you for stopping by. I so enjoyed my visit.

  4. I've never used Photoshop but I'm thinking of buying it. It's great to see what you can do.

  5. Your photos are always beautiful! I have been thinking of getting some editing software and you have inspired me to take that step! Thanks for sharing your experience and photos!

  6. Nice work with PS - I especially like what you did with the rose.

    I don't have PS - on my to do list ... some day.

  7. I agree -- I like that colored pencil effect. You've given me a lot to think about -- I really need to experiment with editing some of my photos sometime and see what art can come of them.

  8. Those techniques are pretty interesting but I have to agree with another poster, your photos are wonderful as they are.

  9. Thank you for all your comments. It's so nice to hear what you guys are thinking!


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