September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

It's difficult to let the photo speak for itself today.  What gardener could possibly be quiet with this kind of rain event!?!

Cedar Park has had 11 inches of rain so far and that is the closest area to me that I've seen a rain total for.  A whoppin 13.39 inches was recorded at Lake Travis!  Clearly, I need a rain gauge! 

My best intentions were thwarted last night when I woke to discover the five Gulf Coast Penstemmon uprooted and downstream from their original location.  You see, I planted them Monday in anticipation of the rain.  I love nature's sense of humor.  While replanting them on higher ground this morning I was awed by the power of the water and reminded of the respect it deserves.

I hope your gardens fared well through the storm.  Have a wonderfully wet Wednesday!


  1. Dad has a gauge and it read 10.3 inches this morning at 7 a.m. Another friend (down the street from you) said her gauge was almost at 12 inches.

  2. Wow - amazing! I heard 12 inches at Mansfield Dam too. It looked like a small creek in my backyard last night!

  3. Obviously, the clouds believe that the penstemmons would look better over THERE. Hopefully, they'll be satisfied with your latest location (cuz I shudder to think what they'll unleash if they want to move them from 'higher ground'!)

  4. I am still finding mulch-strewn water pathways in my garden that I'd never noticed before....places I wouldn't have thought even had a slope to contend with.


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