October 5, 2010

Autumn, Austin Style

Come, take a leisurely walk with me and we'll share a glimpse of autumn - Austin style...

The path leading from my house meanders through a field of wildflowers...

Along the path, I notice a neighbor's morning glory vine has rallied for a  fall
showing of spectacular blooms.
The path opens up to a magnificent vista of swaying grasses.

A monarch is tempted by the nectar of this sunny flower.

The path is enveloped by drifts of wildflowers as you make your way up the hill...

At the crest of the hill, distant views of sailboats float
lazily on the lake.

The promise of more blooms to come...

A bee enjoying fall's bounty.

And just in case you were beginning to wonder if our Austin fall resembles spring more than fall,
I did find a little seasonal color.

  I hope you enjoyed sampling the flavor of an Austin autumn.  One of the most remarkable and rewarding aspects of becoming part of the garden blogging community has been the experience of sharing all your wonderful fall posts and getting to see how fall is so unique depending on where we put down roots. 
Thanks for visiting ~ happy autumn!


  1. Great photos. Love the wild flowers/grasses that you photographed in the fields in Fall. They get elevated beyond weeds at this time of year. I even let the wild asters bloom along with those that were purchased.

    I may pay for that next year, but they look so happy with their costly brethren.

    I love the view of the lake. Thanks for sharing all the lovely Fall images from your garden and the surrounding wilder landscape.

  2. Gorgeous post, sweetie!

    And that swaying grass is what I've been looking for! Can't wait to get up there with a person, or multiple persons, and my camera!!

    Happy Fall!


  3. Maybe we should do some family shots up there!? Still need to reschedule our family shoot ;-)

  4. Beautiful. I would imagine you take lots of walks with that surrounding you. I know I would with that view.

  5. Grasses in the breeze, wildflowers along the path, exotic looking plants I may never know, a lake nearby, I can feel the warmth of the sun emanating from the photos. Soooo envious right now.

  6. I agree, I love seeing what it is like everywhere else. we tend to think that everyone has it the same but our autumn is so different from yours. equally beautiful.thanks for the walk

  7. I love this walk in your part of the world. Amazingly beautiful textures, views and photos. Your have all the colors of fall. ;>)

  8. What a wonderful walk through the wildflowers. Thanks for taking us along.

  9. What a beautiful place to take a walk! I love all the wildflowers and flowing grasses! I lived in Austin for a while and had to learn how to garden hill country style (much different than Georgia). I do miss it! Enjoy your fall and change of color.

  10. Why would you even bother to go inside. What a wonderful place to have at your doorstep. And as always, fantastic photography.

  11. Thank you all for reading and leaving your nice comments! Yes, we are blessed to live in such a beautiful place and I look forward to fall every year. Fall here is the proverbial carrot that gets me through the hot summer!

  12. It is a glorious fall indeed. I was admiring the grasses and that reddish blooming plant out in Lakeway this morning.

  13. beautiful post really enjoyed it, you do live in a lovely place though I can't take hot, thanks for stopping by my blog, Frances

  14. Thanks for taking us down the garden path and out to see the wildflowers and grasses and the sailboats on the lake - it all looks beautiful !


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