October 15, 2010

Bloom Day ~ Summer Wanes

As October marches on and the summer blooms begin to wane, bloom day at The Whimsical Gardener is rather subdued except for a few stalwart favorites.
Society garlic has had a resurgence with the cooler temperatures.  The wind made for an interesting image as the camera tried to focus on the swaying flowers.

The Marie Daly rose glows brightly in the autumn light.

Pink guara is still going strong.

 One of the last aster blooms and it's looking rather tired...what happend to that vivid yellow center of September?

This pretty pavonia took on an interesting perspective with the sun shining through the front and shot from behind.

My favorite, white tropical sage, continues to attract lots of bees and brightens shady areas.

The turks cap is hanging in there as well, albeit missing the many hummingbirds of the summer.

The firebush is still putting on new blooms even though it was victim to a falling oak limb...the fall of the limb was intentional just not meant to land on the firebush!

This david verity cuphea has the sweetest little flowers.  It's new to the garden this fall and I'm so happy that it's happy!

The bat face cuphea has bloomed vigorously throughout the summer and continues to delight with cheery, bright little faces.

You have to admire the tenacity of this one, although not producing to its usual summer time glory it is still putting up the good fight.

The same goes for this cone flower; a bit lackluster and not its usual oomph, but still showing vivid color!

Patrick's Abutilon didn't quite make it for bloom day, but alas, it was not meant to be...maybe next month...

May Dreams Gardens hosts Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the 15th of every month.  Be sure to visit May Dreams Gardens to see more gardens blooming around the blogosphere:  http://www.maydreamsgardens.com/


  1. So many wonderful close-ups! I particularly like the shot of the white salvia... I have that abutilon and found it to be a shy bloomer compared with others... I believe I bought it as "Tiger Eye"... I've also enjoyed looking through your older posts! L

  2. Beautiful blooms. Your photography is poetic and magically lit. Lovely! ;>)

  3. Great images! Your cone flower lacks oomph? I liked the vibrant colors. Do you have a picture of it in summer?

  4. Love all the blooms! Great post!!

  5. gorgeous blooms! I love that shot of the pavonia. The abutilon bud is gorgeous too. Maybe we'll see it in next month's collection?

  6. aloha cat,

    what a very nice tour of your garden this morning, i enjoyed my first visit to your blog, the beautiful macros are amazing and the cuphea is one of my favorites.

    thanks for sharing that with us, i'll be visiting again soon!

  7. Nice macro shots of your beautiful plants. Thanks for the tour today.

  8. Great macros! I love that little cuphea plant - we sometimes grow that one as an annual and the little hoverflies simply adore it and its always full of them. You must be pretty warm there if you are going to have an Abutilon in flower for next months GBBD.

    I really liked the compostion on your pavonia photo - those stripes are lovely being backlite by the sun. Thanks for visiting and giving me the opportunity to meet a new blogger. :)

  9. Saw you on May Dreams. Your photos are so beautiful!!

  10. I've never heard of Society Garlic, I will go and see if such a thing exists in the UK. Thanks for sharing your blooms

  11. Cat, You take absolutely gorgeous pictures. Your garden is wonderful. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Annie

  12. Nice post...I'll cross my fingers for your Abutilon!

  13. Wow! You brought out the beauty in those flowers! A very lovely collection you have.

  14. Great to see all these blooms Cat, especially on such a dreary day as we've had - rainy, gray, dull, 48F - ugh. These really brightened the day considerably - thanks. Great shots !

  15. Liking the promise showing in the Patrick's Abutilon - might have to consider that for my shade. Not to mention that Pavonia variety.

  16. Love the society garlic shot. It actually looks more like a painting than a photograph! The Pavonia is cool too. Guess I've never looked at it from that direction before. Wonders never cease to amaze in a garden :-) Thanks for the tour :-)

  17. I'd say you have quite a showing for mid October. Your photography is great~!

  18. A warm Texas welcome to the new visitors who found The Whimsical Gardener through GBBD! Your visits are truly appreciated and your comments make me smile ~ thank you for the blog love :-) I hope ya'll come back!

    To those who tried to "pick" this post on Blotanical, thank you for letting me know about the feed issues. I'm in the process of working them out and will hopefully be up and running soon. I do thank you for your support!

    Bom, I do have a couple of shots of the cone flowers during the summer and then again in September. My header was shot in July and if you check the Wordless Wednesday labels you'll find a macro shot of a September bloom. I hope you enjoy them :-)

    Patient Gardener, I'm not sure about the availability of Society Garlic in UK but it is a perennial favorite here in Central Texas! It can take the hot sun with ease. For such a delicate little flower, its sturdiness is amazing.

    Rick, rainy, gray, dull and 48F is a true "winter" day in my neck of the woods. I'm looking forward to what I know will be gorgeous winter shots when my days are gloomy. I can already imagine what you're going to do with ice and snow in your photographs!

  19. Hi, I came here because I saw your comment on another blog, and liked the name of your blog. I love your bloom day post! You have a nice looking blog.

  20. I found my way here from GBBD. Your photography is wonderful.

    Society garlic is sold here in Australia, sometimes labelled as tulbaghia violacea. A warning though, it has a smell not everyone likes.


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