November 20, 2010

A Thanksgiving Tree

Usually we start thinking about our Christmas trees this time of year but I like to have a Thanksgiving tree first.

Find an interesting vessel...

Get some branches and anchor them into the vessel (these needed to be banded together and anchored in newspaper) and add some florist's moss, raffia, nuts, pine cones - whatever you like to cover the newspaper.

Find some fall colored ornaments to adorn the branches...

The branches can be decorated for any holiday...I've had these in the house since last autumn.  I change the vessel and ornaments depending on the season.

Scatter a few little autumn touches around the vessel and you're good to go!


  1. a delightful are clearly very creative...good photos too..

  2. very nice! thank you for thinking of Thanksgiving! some people jump to X-mas right after Halloween.

  3. Beautiful tree.
    Those little butterflies and spheres look great.

  4. Dear Cat, What a charming idea, and such a change from the usual evergreen arrangements. It is good to ring the changes each year and this is a very easy way to do just that. I shall follow your lead!!

  5. How lovely - I think you could use this for all sorts of celebrations. I will definately be pinching the idea - hope you dont mind!

  6. Thank you Michael, I'm glad you enjoyed the idea.

    Thank you Tatyana. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as it requires nothing but the simplicity of sharing a meal and our gratitude for the blessings in our life!

    Thank you fer. If you look closely at the glass ornament you can see my sweet dog by my side ;-)

    Thank you Edith and Patient Gardener, it was absolutely my hope that others would be inspired and "pinch" the idea! I'm glad you found it worthy of copying.

  7. What a great idea and tradition. It is pretty and makes a nice addition to your Thanksgiving celebration.

  8. Cat,
    You really do have a great eye for photography. I don't always comment when I should but I love to visit your blog and look at the pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  9. Dear GWGT, Thank you. I enjoy changing the decorations depending on the season. In the spring I add birds and robin's eggs and for valentine's day I add hearts. With all the goodies to be found at crafts stores these days the options are wide-open.

    Thank you Annie. I'm glad you enjoy coming back and it really makes me happy to inspire or to just simply provide a moment of joy. Your blog is deliciously colorful and fun and I can get lost there for a few minutes and just enjoy the beauty. You're very inspiring and I'm glad to have found your site ;-)

  10. Lovely, I especially love the little butterflies.

  11. Great idea ... and wonderfully captured. My favourite is the 'self-portrait' ! ;-)

  12. Thank you lifeshighway - do I get any points or does it not count since the "art" actually lives in the house?!? Thanks for visiting!

    Rick, I'd have fixed myself up a bit if I'd known I was making a self-portrait. It was an unexpected result but I liked it - Blitzen my faithful companion with his legs in the air didn't seem to mind!

  13. Great idea. I might just take your idea and use it at Christmas time.

  14. A lovely idea, Cat, as you have creatively illustrated. I too wish to enjoy each unique holiday to the max ... mix and match is not for me. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  15. I have an arrangement of silver branches in my front hall. I added glass icicles and white ornaments. I like your version too. Butterflies are a wonderful touch.

  16. Definitely an idea worth pinching!! I'm thinking of trying a mini version to use a lovely pot I was given for my birthday.

  17. What a sweet sweet tree! A great idea to bring the garden in and add a bit of joy to the inside. You are so creative. That container is perfect too.

  18. I love your tree, pot, and decorations. I wonder if I could pull that off.

    Your quote above is cute. I work with special education students, and there are a couple who like to say our names, then just grin when we respond. Maybe they are trying to be sure of us.


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