December 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday~The Eyes Have It!

The soulful eyes of the green anole never fail to capture my imagination...


  1. I love the way you have positioned these beautiful eyes . . . the human looking down on the anole. Great captures!

  2. I like these little, green guys. Seems like I have seen more anoles than the spiny back lizards...usually it has been the other way around. Love your photos, very creative! :)

  3. I love to draw and paint eyes. There is all the feeling, depth, and life to capture in the eyes. Your anole photo does this so well. So much ' expression, as if he is saying 'Come on, must you really'.

  4. Thank you Carol...her looking at him, him looking at was a cool family moment in my daughter's room. He was outside her window looking in at us.

    Thanks Amy. I've never had a ton of the spiny lizards, they usually hang out in the greenbelt but anoles have been crazily numerous this year and I'm loving that they like having their picture taken!

    Donna, You are an amazing artist and I noticed how detailed the eyes were of your fish...The anoles have been plentiful all summer. Their eyes are always so full of expression. If you'd like to see more shots of the anole you can find them under the anole label of my blog. There is one shot in particular where he really gives me a "look" - you'll know which one it is!

  5. Great photos! Why is the anole at the window looking at you? How do I get them to my window? :)

  6. It's such an artistic portrait of the anole. You should enlarge this one and frame it, Cat.

  7. My daughter and I went to Paris Mountain State Park in SC today where she found around 20 green anoles attempting to bask in the sun near the picnic shelter. The day was so cold that it didn't seem to do them much good -- which meant my daughter could let several sluggish lizards sit on her hand at once without worrying about them running away (talk about a delighted kid). They also stayed very brown in color.

    Your photo is amazing! I never noticed the blue around the eye before.

  8. What a great shot. Some days, they seem to want to pose for the camera.

  9. Lovely eyes in the top photo.

    We've got lots of anoles down here in Florida - haven't seen any nice green ones, they seem mostly greyish - and maybe I haven't been able to get close enough to see if they have soulful eyes ;-)


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