January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to One of My Best Blooms!

A few favorite blooms from my family garden...the birthday boy is to the far left.

And here as a teenager with his sister and the same family friends as in the above Big Bend picture taken about thirteen years ago.  Yes, it's cliche, but really, where does the time go?

Happy 15th!  You are a joy!

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  1. Beautiful family! Very happy birthday wishes. :)

  2. Jeez, he's a handsome lookin' kid :D

    And might I say you don't look anywhere near old enough to have a 15 year old kid. Kudos to your genes!

  3. Fun! My youngest is 15, very soon to be 16... and she is a joy as well!

  4. Thank you Eliza, I'll pass on the birthday wishes!

    Thanks Kyna, where do I send the check?!

    Meredehuit, there is something so bittersweet about the youngest...and oh how he has benefited from the lessons learned on my first!

  5. Happy Birthday to your handsome bloom! Yes, the time does pass too swiftly. My blooms have propagated and I now have six blooming grandchildren. But wasn't it just yesterday that they were so new?

  6. What a cute crop you have there!

  7. How wonderful that they are all still friends. Lovely smiles.

  8. Happy Birthday to him! Great pictures! They give me a hope: he is a teenager and you are smiling... it means I can survive living with two teenagers in my family too!

  9. Aw - I love this! My son is 5 and already I'm sensing how quickly the time flies with children. You have tended a beautiful garden blooms here - what a lovely family.

  10. Awe, aren't children a joy to have? There's no other experience like being a mom...full of joy and challenges. Hope he continues to bloom into a wonderful man someday!

  11. Happy Birthday to him! Those are fun photos. Will just turned 15, too. It does fly too fast!!

  12. Oh my Ginny - how blessed you are! I'm not quite ready for six grand babies!

    Thank you TG!

    @Plantaliscious - no matter how much time passes, they pick up right where they left off - the measure of true friendship!

    Tatyana - you make me smile! Yes, it will be ok and you'll continue to smile ;)

    Thank you Laurrie!

    Thank you Kate - hold him tight and kiss him while you can! You'll have to steal kisses in a few years but secretly, I think they still like the kisses, they just have to be cool!

    Thank you Ramona, yes is is a joy and a challenge but there is nothing I would trade this experience for...it has been life changing and beautiful!

    Thanks Amy = happy belated to Will!

  13. Beautiful family, Cat! It's so wonderful that you have photos of 13 years ago to compare with now. Aren't children the best thing ever? You are indeed blessed. Thank you for sharing. And yes, the years to fly by. I'm a grandmother now (x 2) and am still trying to figure out how *that* happened. Life is good.

  14. beautiful children, both small and big! we are so lucky to tend and nurture our children, and then watch them mature and grow into young adults. happy birthday to your birthday boy!

  15. Beautiful pictures of happy kids. Enjoy, "where does the time go?" is right... Our oldest turned 21 yesterday! :)


  16. I got a phone call when I was leaving my comment and now I am back to say what a fine looking birthday boy you have. So cute as a little one too. His sister is a pretty girl too, but I don't want to take away from his special day.They do grow up so fast.

  17. adorable. Happy birthday to him!!

  18. My oldest will be 15 in a couple of months. Where does the time go indeed? Happy birthday to yours.

  19. Couldn't agree more Diane, life is good!

    Thank you Laguna Dirt!

    Happy birthday to yours Mary ;)

    Thank you Donna, Wendy and Pam!

  20. Beautiful happy children! Thanks for sharing! You are very lucky


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