February 3, 2011

I Will Not Whine...

Although I'm tempted to whine...I won't.  This post is simply to record the craziness that has been our weather over the past 48 hours.  As I type this post, my children are constantly checking the window for any signs of snow.  Jim Spencer (our favorite weather man) is predicting 1-3" for tonight and my kids are certain we will have a snow day tomorrow.  I know.  Don't laugh.  The whole city will shut down if we get anything near 3 inches!

Our electricity went out during the rolling black outs causing my fountain to freeze.  The birds were none too happy.  Fortunately when the electricity came back on I was able to break through the ice and get the fountain running again.  This is the only water source in my yard right now that isn't completely frozen and the birds have been taking full advantage.

And to think just two days ago we were sitting in the back yard enjoying the 70 degree afternoon...the pineapple sage was blooming and butterflies were visiting the sage...

You know what they say in Texas.  If you don't like the weather just stay around for a few hours and it will change.  Highs should be in the 50's on Saturday.

Addendum:  School has been delayed tomorrow by two hours and not one snow flake has fallen...insane.

Second Addendum:  We got about an inch or so and the kids are out of school!!  They are thrilled...pancakes, movies and some snow play before it melts!  Have a great weekend.


  1. Ten inches of snow here in Missouri-and 12 below zero!! My girls have been out of school a week and I don't think they will be back in class Monday. Crazy weather.. I'm ready for spring!

  2. Ou poor birdy;) Great photos specially the flower. I really don't understand why everything have to closed if it is snowing!? Your politicians are insane or what. This is thing what we have wondered our whole lives here why everybody goes panic with snow, you just have get by with it and go on NORMAL lives.
    Have a lovely weekend with or without snow:)

  3. Hi Cat, like the wagtail on the fountain!
    It sounds like you are having temperamental weather like we do in Britain. Last week it was below freezing, this week it is threatening to get up to 13c! The garden doesn`t know what to do!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  4. Lovely photos. We are struggling with humidity due to the cyclone that went over Queensland yesterday. Some of this cyclone weather has drifted across Victoria but not the winds. Charmaine

  5. Enjoy your photos very much too... ah, the pineapple sage, wonder if ours is flowering... pretty bird bath...

  6. It is snowing in Plano, Texas. About 2 inches. I just saw it through skype. White roofs, white cars...

  7. Dear Cat, The weather all over the world seems extremely odd at present and each day can vary so much from the next. With all the catastrophes occurring in so many places, one must not be too upset about the demise of a plant or two but it is rather saddening to see one's plants cut down in their prime knowing that it will be another year before they recover.

  8. I enjoyed your description of the storm. Stay warm!

  9. Love that photo of the mockingbird. I'm sure your birds are excited the water source is back in order. Not even 2 inches of snow, and we're shut down! I'm excited for things to warm up tomorrow; and nervous, to survey the garden damage.

  10. I love your shot of the pineapple sage. Like all sages with their small tubular flowers,it's a hard plant to photograph. My photos never show the real impact of those bright blooms, and the plant ends up looking rangy with hard to see blooms. Your close up does it justice! I'll send your kids some of our snow if they'd like... I have more than 3 inches to spare.

  11. Lovely photos...I especially like the birdbath! Well, may your kids enjoy their delay - every once in a while we get an odd delay for fog!?! So I hope they enjoy their delay, even if it's just for the anticipation of snow. :)

  12. Hi Cat :) Your weather sounds like ours the past few days! Crazy! We got a couple of inches and the city shut down! But highs in the 60's tomorrow! I love your frozen fountain (and all the rest of your photos!).

  13. Hi Rebecca. I'm ready for spring too!

    Henrietta, We are just Texans...we can handle heat, rattle snakes, and drought but you throw a little snow/ice our way and we shut down!

    Hi John, Yes,the weather has been a bit bipolar for sure...so ready for spring!

    Charmaine, we deal with some suffocating humidity around here at times and it can be oppressive...hope you get some fresh air to blow through soon.

    Thank you Lrong...the sage isn't looking so happy today. I'm glad I took the shots when I did!

    Hi One, Skype is amazing! I just heard Dallas ended up getting 5-7"...this isn't good for all the folks coming in for the Super Bowl.

    Edith, You're so right...these are small worries compared to what others have faced of late. Best to keep things in perspective.

    Thanks Carolyn!

    Me too Amy...I'm afraid there may be more than a few casualties.

    Thanks for your encouragement on the photo of the sage Laurrie...it took many attempts before I captured it in such a way that did it any justice. I find white flowers really hard to shoot as well but am continuing to try to learn how. Never a dull moment is there? Always something to learn!

  14. Hey Cat,
    well, you did make me laugh!!! Great photos again.
    The first time I was in Texas I made fun of the sign "Watch for ice on bridge". I guess it does make sense though ;-)
    Here in Germany we are definitely used to snow but guess what...
    One snowflake on the train tracks and the whole public transportation system descends into chaos.
    Hope the kids enjoy it.

  15. Cat, I was not talking about you whining, I think us gardeners have a reason to whine. We got our "dusting" of 5-7 inches and more is falling! Y'all stay warm and enjoy the flakes while you don't have to drive in them.

  16. Sigh~winter has been brutal... and when you garden in a Zone8 garden you just don't expect this cold, freezing weather over and over. Your fountain is such a pretty red skating rink. gail

  17. Hi Sandra, the snow is already beginning to melt but it was so beautiful while it lasted!

    No worries Tufa. I was speaking more to the fact that I'm tired of hearing myself whine about the cold of the last week. But this sunshine and snow has brought a whole new attitude - it's beautiful!

    Gail, you're right - it's just not what we expect. My plants survived this last year...I'm praying they can survive these freezing temps two years in a row...

  18. I guess the weather is all relative. 1-3" of snow is technically known as a 'skiff' up where we live in Canada - that means you use a bare hand to remove it from your windshield before driving off and don't give it a 2nd thought.

    You're talking snow when you get 6-12" ! And when I was in high school it usually took more than 12" to have a snow day declared.

    But I've also lived in Calgary where the weather could change from 40 below to 70 above in a matter of a day or 2 - due to a chinook.


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