February 21, 2011

Peace Like a River

Snow fell in earnest all over the country in the late fall and many gardeners began posting photographs so stunningly beautiful that I pined all winter to be able to capture some snow images for myself.  Carolyn at This Grandmother's Garden wrote a post in January that really seemed to capture the essence of winter.  Her family went for a walk and dressed in bright, cheerful, winter wear, braved the cold temperatures and embraced the season.

Visiting Colorado recently, we were blessed with abundant snow (36" over a three day stay) and we were able to embrace the beauty of winter too.  Coming from Texas, this much snow is truly magical!

I posted a bit on Bloom Day about our walk along the Yampa River and I'd like to show you more quiet moments captured that day.

A duck flew over our head and skimmed the water during his landing.

There is such a peace about walking along a snow covered path with the river passing by quietly.   Against the blanket of snow, pops of color were found in the naked branches.

Flying home to Austin was very much like flying through a seasonal portal.

Somewhere south of Denver...


These photos were taken over a period of about 10 minutes as we approached Dallas.   The quality and hue of the sky changed before my eyes. Luckily I was sitting by the window and had my camera handy.  I don't usually sit by the window because of my fear of heights - I'm so glad I did!

We've had spring-like temperatures here in Austin for the past week or so and the garden is responding.  River fern is unfurling its fronds, there are green shoots at the base of the bat face cuphea and pineapple sage and the Texas betony is ready to take off.   It won't be long before spring blooms are here.

My first photo on The Whimsical Gardener:  Colorado Water Lily blooms in August 2010.

This is my 100th post and I'd like to say thank you for reading The Whimsical Gardener.   When I began this blog in August I imagined it to be a simple journal and that I would mostly be talking to myself.  Your visits, comments, support and encouragement have been such a pleasant surprise and I am so grateful for you!


  1. Congratulations Cat!!!! 100 post and 100 times pure beauty. Keep it up! I can't get enough of your photos.
    Take care,

  2. Sandra, thank you sweet friend!

  3. Happy 100th post...your pictures are magical...I live in snow but you have captured its beauty...I really would like to visit it and maybe soon I will move and just make visits to the snow...your water lilies are beautiful and look familiar to mine...I hope to read 100s more posts and be awed by 1000s of photos...

  4. Thank you Donna! Come check out Austin - we have a great gardening community!

  5. Happy 100th post Cat! Keep those great photos coming.

  6. What a wonderful series of photos. You should consider some of them for holiday cards next year. I do love winter photos, but I'm open to spring ones now!

  7. Thank you Marie Elizabeth...making cards from my photos is on my list of things to learn this year ;)

  8. Mid 80's Saturday and now 30's tonight. Ain't Texas weather great? Happy 100 and here's to the next 100 postings. Thanks for letting us tag along.

  9. Thanks TG! Absolutely, Texas gardening isn't for sissies!

  10. Your photos are just breathtaking...I'm looking forward to seeing many more..congratulations on your 100th!

  11. Those photos from the air are wonderful. Snow (and mountains) look so different and vast with a little perspective! I love a snowy walk in winter, but we have had so much here in New England this year that it is unwalkable... you can't get into the woods, and the streets are down to one icy lane with impossible snowbanks on the sides. I have to take virtual walks through photos like yours instead!

  12. I like the picture of the birds in the trees. Congratulations on your 100th post. I'm so glad you started blogging. Your blog is a bright spot in my day.

  13. Well, first congrats on 100 posts ! The pleasure is very much ours to come here and look at the beauty you've captured and shared.

    The scenes along the river are enchanting - truly brings 'When Peace Like a River' to mind. I always sit by the window when flying, camera in hand - you've captured beautiful scenes - I'm sure you'll grab that seat next time.

    And that water lily shot is gorgeous - can't wait till mine flower again, likely not till June.

    Great work, Cat !

  14. Happy 100th post! 100 beautiful posts! I have been talking so much about your beautiful photos that my hubby bought me a new camera. :)

  15. Happy 100th post! I really enjoy your photography and writing. You have an amazing talent! The pictures you took from the plane are stunning. It is testimony of your gift. Well done!

  16. 100th and counting..for more beautiful posts and photos! Congrats! Such lovely winter scenes, so white, serene and enchanting though very cold!

  17. Congratulations on 100 posts! I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to the next 100!

    Your beautiful snowy photos did transport me to another land. It's hard to believe we had some snow ourselves just a couple weeks ago. Now we have spring like temps and the garden is beginning to awake. I'm afraid we will yet have a hard freeze that will zap all the new blooms.

  18. Congratulations on reaching 100! The pictures from your trip are magical. I especially like the simplicity of the image of the birds in the tree. We bemoan winter but it really can be beautiful, just as you have demonstrated.

  19. Laurrie, I'm so glad you've decided to take a virtual walk with me. I always enjoy your unique perspective in the comments section ;)

    Thank you Abbey, your visits and comments are much appreciated and it makes my heart warm to know that they are a bright spot in your day ;)

    Thank you Rick. Your blog is a great source of inspiration for my photography!

    Thank you One! Your photos are beautiful too and I can't wait to see what you do with your new camera!

    Karin, thank you so much for your kind words. I never knew how much I enjoyed photography until I started blogging. It has been a wonderful journey this blogging - especially meeting all the wonderful people like you that go along with it!

    Thank you Miss Becky. Your kind comment is much appreciated ;)

    Thank you P3chandan. It was very cold - high in teens that day!

    Thanks Deb! I'm fearful of the same thing...don't want those new little sprouts to get burned!

  20. Sigh ... its all so beautiful. I am wondering ... will my water lilies EVER look like that?

  21. Happy 100 Cat. I missed mine for lack of looking what number I was at, so no post. Now I am nearing 200 and probably will miss it again. I do love this type of post from others. It really is something to celebrate because it takes a lot of work and thought to photograph and write a wonderfully as you do.

    And Carolyn does have the most wonderful images captured in the snow as do you. I visit both blogs regularly just for a shot of snowy beauty.

  22. Dear Cat, What wonderful photographs you have treated us to here. I am constantly amazed at the sheer scale of the USA and the variations of climate from one state to the next. You have really brought this into focus with your posting today. What a difference a short flight can make!

  23. Hi Cat, truly beautiful photo`s of the winter landscape you have over there. In the U.K. it is just dark,dull and depressing! Spring seems a long way off!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  24. Hi Christine, these Colorado water lilies were chosen because they can do with a bit of shade...so maybe you'll have some success too?

    Thanks Donna for all your visits and comments. It is so nice to know someone is out there!

    Thanks Edith...this is a vast country with so much natural beauty to offer!

    Sorry John that your winter is dragging on so...sending lots of warm, sunny thoughts your way! Hang in there, spring is coming.

  25. Congratulations on your hundredth post - I look forward to the next hundred! Your photography inspires me.

  26. Oh this turned out beautifully, Cat...as always! You are so sweet to mention my post. Your pics of the clouds were especially delightful to view. Enjoy your warm! (We're still dressed in Winter whites.)

  27. Congratulations and thank you, Cat, for your 100th post! I've enjoyed your blog so very much and want to thank you for your insight, photographs and the soul that you put into your writings. I look forward to the next 100 posts! :)

  28. Those shots from the air are amazing!!

    Your first photo is amazingly beautiful too.

  29. Congratulations on your 100th post! These photos are beautiful, I especially like the ones of the river and the birds. The aerial shots are wonderful as well. Thanks so much for sharing and looking forward to more!

  30. Cat I've really enjoyed your beautiful photos and appreciate your inspiring words. Glad you enjoyed your snow days in Colorado. We've had snow here in Utah on the ground since November. I'm ready for the snow to melt!

  31. Congratulations on your 100th post!
    You have such a beautiful garden blog and the nature photos are fantastic.
    That scene with the black birds in the white snowy branches took my breath away...fantastic imagery...one of the most creative photos I've ever seen on a blog!
    Happy Spring!
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston


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