February 24, 2011

Watching the Grass Grow ~ Literally

When I left to meet a friend for lunch this morning it was raining.  Upon returning, the sun had come out and the temperature was hovering near 84(F).   I noticed that in the span of a day the grass had grown considerably as there were sprouts of green throughout the lawn.  Of course this was an invitation to head out with camera in hand to document new spring growth.

The Texas Dogwood is just starting to burst with leaves.

These are the leaves of the Night Blooming Jasmine which was tucked into the garage for the winter.  Even in the garage the plant suffered severe damage.

This was my second attempt to over-winter this plant.  This jasmine didn't make it through last year's freezes so I didn't hold out much hope for it this year but it surprised me.  It lives!  The flowers of this plant put off the most amazing scent and one plant can perfume the entire patio.

The Sago was given an extreme haircut after all the leaves were damaged by extended freezing temperatures. It shouldn't be too long before new growth is seen around the base of the plant.  Until then, it offers some interesting texture and structural beauty to the yard.

Bluebonnet seedlings are sprouting throughout the garden.   Bluebonnets sing "spring" here in Central Texas.

Miss Martha Gonzales is beginning to show signs of fresh growth and will soon be blooming profusely.  This antique rose was new to my garden last season.  After demonstrating once again how tough it is by thriving in the cold temps we had this winter, I'll be adding more of this plant.

The river fern has started to return around the base of the fountain. I love how the back lighting shows off the delicate beauty of this plant.  I'll have to get my tiles up this weekend before the ferns grow in to fill the space or it will be really difficult to get close enough to the posts.

There are happenings in the stock tank pond too!  Colorful new leaves are forming on the Colorado water lily.

This white abutilon is a new addition to the garden.   The Patrick's abutilon was such an outstanding performer last year that I wanted to try another variety.   I'm trying to add more white flowers to the shady areas to brighten them up a bit.

What signs of spring are you seeing in your gardens?  And if you're still blanketed with snow or shivering in the cold temperatures of winter you can live vicariously through your southern gardening friends.  You can bet I'll be living vicariously through yours in August when we are sweltering down here and your flowers are as happy as clams!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your unfurling river fern looks like a No. 9. I have a photo like that taken on 09.09.09 and I posted about it in 2009. Anyway, your photos are many times better than mine which is why I enjoy coming by to your blog this often.

    The photos I took were with my old camera. So far, they are all mostly with the old one except for the wilting sunflower entitled Genius Loci. The first photo was still with my point and shoot.

  2. What an amazingly talented photographer you are! Thank you for sharing your plants with us?

  3. So nice to see your plants coming alive again. The fronds of the river fern are lovely. I do like watching them unfurl. Seeing your Sago Palm reminds me that I need to cut mine back too. It suffered from the winter despite the fact that I stuck it in the garage. Happy Spring (and your 80 degree temps already!)

  4. Ooh! Unfurling leaves. You know how I enjoy those. the lighting and bokeh in your photograph make yours especially beautiful. I have to ask if you used textured paper on your second photo. I guess One and I are your students in post-processing.

    *sidenote to One: What an auspicious post. No. 9 fern on 09.09.09. Did you fit in the time as well?

  5. How clever you are One! I enjoy your blog as well for the thought you put into your posts and the photography. Thank you for your kind words.

    Hi Karin, I hope I'm not a bit premature in cutting mine back but it's so hard to stay out of the garden when the days are so warm! I think it will be ok though...

    Bom, I know your passion for unfurling leaves! I thought of you when I saw them and captured them for the blog. Thank you for your nice compliments. Yes, the second picture, the fern and the abutilon have texture added to them. You can change the opacity depending on your photo to lighten if necessary to create the effect you want to achieve.

  6. As I look out on the snow and now sleet falling down, I marvel at the delicacy of new life you share with us . . . all of your photos are lovely Cat, but I am in love with the tiny vulnerable unfurling fern. Lovely! Hooray for your jasmine . . . the water lily leaf is like a palette. I am excited for you, for you are experiencing one of my favorite times of the year. When new shoots surface all around the gardens. Enjoy! 84 is pretty warm!

  7. Wow! Only 12 more days and I will be in Austin. Can't wait to see your garden for real. I love the fern cause it looks like an ammonite! I am so excited cause I know there are fossils behind your house and actually everywhere else in texas, too. How do I explain to the airport security that a geological hammer is not a weapon ;-)
    See ya, Sandra

  8. Beautiful! My jasmine surprised me as well, coming back after I left it outside, forgotten for a few freezes.

    You reminded me that I really want to plant some bluebonnets again. I've forgotten for the last few years and have missed them.

  9. Hi Cat,
    Lovely photo`s as usual, particularly like the river fern.
    Temperatures of 84 is something we dream about here in Blighty, we are struggling to get into double figures (in centigrade that is) at the moment!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  10. Hi Cat, It is heartening to know that there is spring out there somewhere. (We had snow today) I have a jasmine tree that hibernates in the house. It would never make it outside. They do have an amazing fragrance don't they. Have a great weekend!

  11. what is more hopeful than new growth? that fern shot is stunning! all the photos are inspiring!

  12. I love the curled up fern. All of these are wonderful captures.

  13. I've finally seen some plants waking up and stretching new leaves into the cold air. Winter here is easing up but we've had insane winds and are forecast for a thunderstorm on Monday. Weird! But I'm game for most any moisture + warmth combo that wakes up my garden. :o)

  14. Beautiful photos Cat! They bring anticipation for what will be blooming in my garden in a month or two. Our temperature won't be at 84 degrees till about May. Until then I will keep enjoying your photos.

  15. Thank for taking that walk, Cat, and bringing your camera along. Wonderful photos !

  16. Amazing photos, my dear friend!!

  17. Wonderful photos! I can't decide which one is my favorite.. I am SO ready for spring :)

  18. Is there anything quite as exciting as new growth on a plant you feared was dead? So glad to hear your jasmine made it through. All your photos are lovely, as ever, but that unfurling fern frond is really special. What wonderful light.

  19. What spectacular photography! Isn't it exciting to see new buds form? It's amazing how much a little rain and sunshine helps!

  20. oh I love that shot of the fern starting to unravel. They're such beautiful plants in all their stages but the sight of the fronds pushing themselves open is always my favourite.

  21. Isn't it wonderful! The site of green and especially the little bluebonnet seedlings. Lovely photos, Cat!

  22. Beautiful photos Cat! It's so wonderful when spring begins to show signs of life! Here, too, things are slowly beginning to grow and poke their little heads out of the dirt. I LOVE it! And it was such fun to see your pictures. I love the river fern unfolding...such grace in your photos, Cat!

  23. Cat, this is my first visit here on your blog and about this post I would like to say, I don't think there was a better way to show the Spring in pictures like you did with this posts.
    Just gorgeous pictures!
    Best Regards from Spring, TX
    Paula Jo

  24. Your river fern is just breathtaking. Great pictures. I'm jealous - here in NY only the hosta and daylilies are starting to poke their heads out.

  25. I love your shot of the river fern! It really is exciting to see all the blooms of spring emerging. I was gone for two days, and when I came back this afternoon, forsythia, redbud, quince, camellia, magnolia 'Jane', as well as a host of daffodils greeted me. Hooray for spring!


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