February 11, 2011

You've Got Style!

There is a Stylish Blogger award being shared by our peers and Lrong of  Potager Y @ Japan  and Rosie of  My Garden Haven have graciously bestowed the honor to The Whimsical Gardener.  Thank you so much!

To accept the award, the following should be accomplished:

Post linking back to the person that gave you the award
Share 7 things about yourself
Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

7 Random Things About Myself

* I'm scared of heights
*I believe in the power of prayer
*Macaroni and cheese is bliss
*I love to sing but can't carry a tune
*Sunsets sometimes make me cry
*I love Matt the Electrician
*I envision a life including goats and chickens


  1. OU wow I*m so honored and good to know if you enjoyed my photos, I promise to keep up doing a good job:) I have had few of these but haven't show them on my blog and not do anything if you feel it is okey and don't feel I will not respect you, I do. I'm off to airport in two hours to go on my holiday for 2 weeks. So wish you a lovely weekend I'll be back after 2 weeks.
    Hugs for you:)

  2. congratulations! Like you, I love to sing but sadly can not carry a tune...even though my wife prays about it all the time..have a good weekend yourself...

  3. Dear Cat,
    'A life including goats and chickens'...
    hmmm, sounds like my cup of tea too...
    I would like to start off with chickens in the future...
    many thanks for 'connecting' up...

  4. Hello there Whimsy girl : )
    Thank you so much for thinking of me for this award .. I really appreciate it. I just don't do these types of things .. a few years ago it got to be so crazy with them, I was overwhelmed and had to put up a little side bar note saying I appreciate the thought but I can't keep up with them .. so I hope you don't mind me not doing it ;-)
    BTW .. I am scared of heights TOO!
    and .. some sunrises are just so beautiful it makes me totally "still" inside .. I don't know how to explain it but it is wonderful!
    Joy : )

  5. Hey Cat, I loved your list! I can't carry a tune,either. I am completely tone deaf. Enjoy your weekend in the wonderful weather!

  6. I wanted to leave this on your plot but the message would be too long. I am having a similar problem to you with the email address issue. Did you ever get it fixed? I receive email comments from everywhere I post a comment. Was this your issue too? I also keep losing my feed to my blog, this prevents hits and picks on Blotanical. Was this part of your problem too? Any help you can provide me will be greatly appreciated. feel free to email me. Congrats on your award too. Donna

  7. congrats for the award...I wanted to bestow it on you as well but saw you were already taken...shows we love you and the blog...take care

  8. congratulations for winning this award, and thank you for naming my blog as a new discovery you are enjoying! I will post this later in the week:)

  9. Congrats to you! Aww on the sunsets sometimes make you cry. For sheer joy maybe? I can't carry a tune either. Pity my plants and neighbors when I choose to sing to the birds in the garden. And especially pity my son when I try to sing in the car with him. He is a singer and tells me all the time-please, stop:)

  10. Funny that I envision goats and chicken too. I have a problem with heights no matter how I would like to deny it. You should have posted Matt's photo. :)

    I've been awarded several times but am not picking it up because it is very similar to Gardening Game which was about 10 things we like. I posted on that several months ago. Hope you understand.

  11. Thanks for the nomination, I really appreciate it! I'm a little behind on things right now, so I cannot meet the request that goes along with the award, just now. However, I did hop on your follower list to see more of your great stuff. Love the rainbow from the plane too.

  12. Thank you so much for this award! I really appreciate it! Your photos are gorgeous. I don't think I was following...I am now! Happy weekend!

  13. Matt the electrician? um, is he your husband? Or maybe I should ask, does your husband know about this illicit electrician love?! I think I could see myself falling for a plumber - if he comes with a dishwasher that is.

  14. Ha! Marguerite you crack me up!! My husband says I married a dishwasher! I cook; he cleans ;)

    Matt the Electrician is a local musician and his lyrics make me smile!

  15. I so appreciate your including Garden Sense in your Stylish Blogger list! Of course, yours is one at the top of my list for style!

  16. I enjoyed the list of random things about yourself! I love mac and cheese, too, believe in the power of prayer, and am moved by sunsets.

  17. WTG Cat! Congratulations on your award! I love to sing too and would like to believe I can carry a tune but my wife and kids say otherwise.

  18. Great to see the enthusiasm here. Love the 7 revelations you made...now I know you a little bit better. ;-)

  19. Cat, thanks for the honor! You certainly deserve an award, that's for sure -- your blog is great! I very much appreciate it, but I'm not really one to do these kinds of awards. I'll tell you a few random things about myself, though -- sunsets make me cry, too, and I also would love to have chickens and goats. Redwood forests are my Zen, I've been known to hide chocolate from my family, frozen Thin Mints are my downfall, I love Scrabble and Gin Rummy, and while I'm a decent cook, I loathe grocery shopping with a passion. Cat, you are the best -- thank you again so much!

  20. Super Congrats, Cat and Yes, I agree totally giving this award to you! You have the Coolest blog! And I, too, am scared of heights and sunrises make me cry! Best to you ;)

  21. Cat - I'm a little late getting here - a bit o' life getting in the way. (now I understand your comment re: sunsets)

    Thank you very much for the honour of recognizing my blog with this award !
    I completed part 1 of the 'rules' tonight, part 2 some time later this week.

    You are very deserving of this award. (And I didn't mention it in my 7 items, but heights also give me weak knees - even though I love to hike in the mountains !).

  22. Thank you so much for this honor and I do apologize for my delay. I just returned from some much needed sun in Mexico – and the sunsets there can definitely make you cry! (Here as well, along the river, in nicer weather.) I am so thrilled that you honored my blog. It keeps one warm to know encouragement. I thank you. I am so glad I found your blog and please know that it offers me much enjoyment and inspiration.


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