July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Dreaming Of Cooler Climes


  1. Ditto... dreaming of cooler chimes. Beautiful pic.

  2. Are you not at home or are you really just dreaming? Do you think it's much cooler in California OR do you KNOW? ;-)
    Take care, Sandra

  3. Cat that's a cool shot. I like where you placed your watermak too. It looks a little like ancient graffiti. Where is this?
    Your photos have inspired me to get more creative with my camera. Aside from reading the manual, are there any learning resources you suggest?

  4. Crossing my fingers for you, hope you get some relief from the heat! I'd be happy to take it off your hands for you! Rainy & 61 in Seattle today =( What is with this crazy, extreme weather? Great pic!

  5. Thanks Ever Green!

    Sandra, I'm home. Just wishing I could be back in San Francisco! My girlfriends and I took a long weekend there a few years ago and it's so hot here I was just wishing I could return. Just looking at the pics with my friend last night helped our heat weary bodies! It's 56f there right now! 100+ here today - again...

    Thanks Abbey. This is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It makes me so happy that you're inspired by my photography. That is a high compliment ;)

    You might also try reading Exposure - From Snapshots to Great Shots by Jeff Revell. It is written clearly and starts from the very beginning, assuming that you have very little experience. It really helped me to understand how ISO, shutter speed and aperture all work together to form a good exposure.

    You don't have to have a crazy expensive camera either...the shot of the bridge was taken a few years ago with my Olympus point and shoot...

    There is also a site called http://www.digital-photography-school.com/ You can sign up for their emails and read about all kinds of scenarios that might interest you. Hope these resources are helpful to you!

    Julia, I think the Austin bloggers heading to Seattle will be thrilled with your weather!! We are so ready for some rain! Wish I could come but my daughter is leaving for college and we're tying up loose ends ;)

  6. I'm dreaming of moving to the mountains after a cool weekend in the Blue Ridge. Came back to 102 degrees and am hiding in the house ... I'm even postponing refilling the bird feeder until the sun moves off of it - sorry, birds!

  7. Nice photo. We have been suffering from 100+ degree weather also. However, we go a 4" (yeah all at once) rain last night. Now it's 90 and 80% humidity, like Houston used to be. I know, I shouldn't rub it in.

  8. I'm with ya, Cat! We are leaving Sunday for hopefully a few degrees cooler -- the "mountains" (large hills) of northern Georgia. We are staying at a house with a river front, so if it's not any cooler outside, we'll just have to dangle our toes in the river to cool off. I'm heading in to BUM mode for the next few weeks. After GA, we are going to WI to visit family. I know it will be cooler there. Just hope the sprinklers work and my great neighbors water my containers, and we'll be good to go. Oh, that talk of Seattle sure sounds nice. And last time we were in San Fran, it was chilly. I feel cooler already :-)

  9. Very cool photo, Cat. Yes, a weekend in San Francisco sounds wonderful about now! We are heading to Michigan for the weekend and I can't wait! The high there for the weekend is forecast to be 85! That's a cold front in our neck of the woods!

  10. Thanks for the recommendations. I signed up for the email tips and add the book to my wish list.

  11. hi cat,
    i so feel for all you texans and this relentless 100 plus heat. it just sounds brutal and ruthless.
    love your photos. you asked about my class. it was very helpful, but i find i need time to get off auto. often i'm running around chronicling things in a hurry. i can only envy your photo talent!!

  12. Should be "Wow Wednesdays". Thanks for your photo input. I enjoy your photography so much.

  13. Incredible picture!! Last year we went five weeks with no rain and hot hot temps, so I feel your pain. I nearly cried when the $300 water bill came. I'm from CA and love SF!!

  14. I did not travel as far as you, but went to a Lake Ontario beach house this past weekend and it was 15° cooler with a breeze and gorgeous sunsets. I wished I lived there. I also wish I was in San Fran. Your image is beautiful.


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