November 12, 2011

30 Day Challenge ~ Thanksgiving ~ Day 12

Our neighborhood was once a large ranch.  When we moved here there were still cattle guards across 
the road at the main entrance.  The community has grown up a lot since then but 
there are still remnants of its history scattered around.

 As I walk the trails,  my mind wanders to the possibilities of what life must have been like here.  It's rumored that Presidents have been entertained and wild, raucous parties were thrown in the 70's.  If you 
talk to old-time Austinites, they tell tale of driving out here to the middle of nowhere to party 
on a big ranch at the lake. Those parties must have been something because a broad smile always fills their face as their eyes take on a faraway look.  Oh, to be a mind reader!

Thankful today for interesting places to wander.


  1. I really enjoy imagining what kind of things happened on our properties before we moved into them. That picture above just says open field parties!!:) They are the best and take me back to high school on the farms and backyards in Wisconsin. Hopefully, a random picture will pop up from the past for you to imagine even more:) I've had that happen only once, but it's quite exciting when it happens:)

  2. I live in quite the old party spot for Abq, I am told. Now, it is my party spot, or until I quit paying property taxes! I bet there are so many interesting convergences in such once-remote places...

  3. i love old fences. you should link-up to Friday's Fences at


  4. Letting our mind wander leads us to very interesting places. Our neighborhood is built on an old farm too but I don't think it has such an exciting history.

  5. What a surprise when I read this! If I'm guessing right, you might be talking about my great-grandparent's ranch.

    I do know a few family stories, but mostly from the 19th century.

  6. Shirley, what a small world! Email me if you want to compare details -

  7. I'm a lover of history. If places could just talk...what kind of stories would we hear?

    It'll be fun to hear what Shirley can tell you about that area.

  8. How great that you get to hear a little bit of the history of where you live. Your story reminded me of our home. Various times we have told people where we live only to hear stories about the great parties that used to be thrown here by previous owners. I love the idea that we are simply part of the story of the house and community we live in. It puts life in a different perspective.

  9. My yard was part of a wooded field til the developers flattened everything. No presidents or wild parties, unfortunately!

  10. Glad I happened by your blog. I am THANKFUL to wander through your photos this morning!

  11. And I have I smile as I think about their broad smiles... thanks for sharing a little bit of history.

  12. How fun! If that grass could talk...It's great that you have places like this to walk through.

  13. What a beautiful photograph Cat! What history that fencepost holds. If only it could talk the stories it would tell :) I hope Shirley was able to share some fun stories with you!


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