November 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge ~ Thanksgiving ~ Day 19

Forsythia Sage (Salvia madrensis) in late afternoon light.

This salvia was added to the garden last fall from a four inch container and now stands 5 feet tall. 
The bloom stalk alone is almost a foot long.  During the hottest months it grows in shade 
but now with the sun lower in the sky it gets some direct light.

While the flowers are a striking soft buttery yellow, it's the foliage of this plant that stole my heart.  
The leaves have such an amazing textural quality with gentle, undulating curves.
These are leaves of substance and I love looking at them.  So much so that I'm tempted to cut 
the bloom taking care to get some foliage to bring inside.   I'm tempted, but I won't...I like seeing it catch the autumn light too much from the kitchen window!

Thankful today for the subtle glow of blooms in autumn light.


  1. I planted this salvia in my garden a couple years ago, and it's kind of slow growing, but hopefully someday I'll have a nice big stand of it. The foliage is such a rich dark green, isn't it :-) I'm pretty thankful to have it in my garden, too. And I'm really thankful it survived the summer :-) It's a keeper!

  2. Amazing texture in those leaves - very well captured ! Beautiful light captured on the flower - a very striking plant !

  3. I love the texture of the leaf. This summer I planted several salvias and although its November they are still flowering.

  4. That is some texture on the leaf, and I love the dark green coloration, too. Looks like a winner all the way around.

  5. Your images capture the texture so well. Beautiful!

  6. Another amazing photo! The plant seems happy--to grow to 5 feet in a year is very cool! I have a small sage plant that survived last winter's blizzards. You've inspired me to replant it in a bigger pot and see if that encourages it to grow too.


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