November 21, 2011

30 Day Challenge ~ Thanksgiving ~ Day 21

  Thankful today for: 

gentle breezes and the sound of wind chimes,

the chance of rain in the next 24 hours,

the cable company employee who restored our internet connection after 3 days without,

and you!


  1. Lubię dzwonki, które delikatnie pod wpływem wiatru dzwonią.Mam też w ogródku, ale jego dźwięki nie odpowiadają mojemu pieskowi, bo szczeka na nie :-). Bardzo ładne są Twoje, a ich zdjęcie ciekawe. Pozdrawiam

  2. Lovely photo Cat! I do love wind chimes and gentle breezes. Glad to hear you got your internet up again. We were out for 24 hrs. last week and I was lost without it. Amazing how we depend on it so much.

  3. That is a very pretty photo of the wind chime. Yes...rain!

  4. What wonderfully simple joys to be thankful for. My first waking thought this morning was of chocolate and I was very thankful to have to make choc. chip pancakes before work. Love the pix!

  5. To be without the internet seems like no big deal, but we were recently w/o ours too, and it was really a hardship. Well, ok, not a hardship per se, but I sure missed it.

    Love your picture of the windchimes.

  6. And not necessarily in that order, right? Wow, 3 days w/o internet! Yeesh! How dependent we have become on our gadgets. Rain is falling in our neck of the woods as I type this. Yea!!!! I am so thankful about that. And there are a lot of thankful plants out there, too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. 3 days without internet?!!! What took them so long? But we still have to thank them, right?

    I see some Chinese words on those nice looking wind-chimes.

  8. I adore my wind chimes and couldn't be without them...

  9. Oh yes, wind chimes! I had some bamboo wind chimes once, but they got lost over the course of many moves. Thankful for you too, Cat!


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