November 28, 2011

30 Day Challenge ~ Thanksgiving ~ Day 28

These pressed and framed leaves capture and hold my imagination.

  I came upon them at Thompson & Hanson nursery during a girl's trip to Houston this summer.  Thompson & Hanson is without a doubt a small slice of gardening and home decor paradise in River Oaks.  There is also a sweet little restaurant on the grounds called Tiny Boxwoods that should not be missed.

 These pictures were snapped quickly while I was shopping.  Didn't think I'd be posting them but you might find inspiration from them too.  The frames are a simple design of clean lines fashioned from wood.

You can imagine that they are quite large as the leaves selected are big specimens.  They are really engaging in a subtle way and make a simple, elegant statement.  

Thankful today for simple elegance found in the most unexpected of places...decaying leaves.


  1. Those are some interesting leaves. I like how the form is more impressive as they are dried. I remember pressing leaves as a child and using them in art projects.

  2. Any idea what plant the first leaves are from? It looks like a plant I'm trying to ID over the winter so I can grow it next year. Like a castor bean, but without the seed pods, and bushier.

  3. Simple elegance indeed. I like the top leaves. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Wow! These are big leaves indeed! I used to press tiny flower petals and leaves. I guess the size, texture and color definitely make these stand out.

  5. @Alan, I think the first leaves are Japanese aralia (Japonica fatsia).

  6. Very interesting. I've never pressed any part of a plant before but I'd probably go for leaves than flowers if I did. Especially after seeing these.

  7. I find the leaves to be just beautiful dried, even more attractive than when they were still green and growing. What a lovely idea, and so pretty for a framed work of art. It would be fascinating to cast them in bronze or some other medium and use them as decorative garden accents, too.

  8. Foliage is beautiful...even dried.
    Love that Elephant Ear. It looks almost like a metal sculpture.

  9. I really like the middle picture. It looks like it's been bronzed.

    I'm so glad you bought amaryllis bulbs!! TX is so mild in the winter you won't even have to trick them into thinking they're living somewhere warm! :o)

  10. The colors and shapes of the leaves are lovely!


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