December 21, 2011

A Christmas Garden Keeps Giving

Purple oxalis, Patrick's abutilon and yarrow are in bloom this final week before Christmas.  A few other bloomers not pictured:  Martha Gonzales antique roses, pineapple sage and globe mallow. 

The birds are in abundance and are ravenous...the lack of available food is evident in the way they drain the feeders so quickly.   The drought continues to take its toll.

A recent article states that approximately 500 million of Texas' trees were lost to the extreme drought conditions.  Yes, read that closely, it isn't a typo.  That's about 10% of Texas' trees.  It's a tragic number and more are expected to die as the drought conditions continue and there are so many trees in a weakened state. These statistics are truly heartbreaking.

So, for now we breath in deeply and enjoy the respite of winter.

The garden has taken on a tranquil state of longer visibly stressed by heat and refreshed by a couple inches of recent rain there is a feeling of peace.  Only a few blooms scattered here and there.  Most plants have gone dormant and I must say I'm enjoying its sparse appearance.  I'm even enjoying the many gray days we've had knowing that as the winter solstice approaches it will soon enough give way to the summer solstice and our unyielding heat will return. 


  1. 500M! And I bet that doesn't even include trees lost to the fires. Wow.

    On a lighter note, is the globe mallow producing any seed? Please save some -- I'd love to give that plant a try!

  2. ooh, and the captcha text for my previous comment was "catiou" -- Cat, IOU for this great blog! =D

  3. these are really beautiful shots. yes, i heard that same news report. very sad.

  4. Cat, that is truly sad. Losing just one tree is tragic. It's good to have this break from the drought and heat. We will pray for more rain for you.

  5. Lovely captures especially of the 3rd one. Like the texture and incredible details.

    As for the drought, it's really sad to hear of so many lost trees. Over here, we have about 40% more rain than previous years. Some places are flooded and we constantly have to clear the ponds and rivers to avoid the possibilities of flooding. It's still raining daily.

  6. Cat your post is so reflective and the pictures mirror that...what a lovely time to rest and recoup both you and the garden...glad to hear you had a bit of rain but all those is so sad...

  7. Wow! That is a staggering statistic! Sounds like you are relishing your December garden! Hope you and your family have a joyous holiday season!

  8. As a tree lover and forest planter living in the wooded northeast, this is really distressing. The article was shocking. I'm sure you don't even have to count the devastation, you just see it around you in your landscape. Even when the terrible drought subsides in time, there will be such visible effects.

  9. Your photos are again wonderful.

    I saw the same article about the trees. I've long been worried about them. I hope the predictions are wrong. It's sad to see so many dead ones out there.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Stay warm...

  10. I love the garden during this restful time, too. It's calming. The rains have been so wonderful. Sadly too late to save all those trees, but welcome just the same.

  11. The picture of the yarrow is wonderful

  12. Beautiful pictures. Yes, this has been a great time for the garden to rest and enjoy some of the rains we've received. However, as the number implies, everywhere I look, I see a dead tree. It will be even more noticeable when spring comes and things begin to leaf out.

  13. 500 million. wow. that's sad.

    Very nice photos. Live the textures and subtle blend of colors.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  14. Sigh, I heard the figure of 10%, makes you appreciate these dreary days even more. Hey, we may even have snow this weekend...

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I have enjoyed your blog and your comments so much.


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