September 9, 2013

Remembering the Coming Back and Not Crying About the Leaving

Mesquite tree, Agua Dulce, Texas

Listening to one of your favorite songs today, momma, in honor of your birthday and hanging tight to remembering the coming back and not crying about the leaving.  ♥


  1. love all of your posts... but this one made me cry.

  2. So powerful! Brought tears to my eyes. It is a great song.

  3. You will never stop missing her because you'll never stop loving her. Just try to smile when the tears are dry.

  4. Also one of my favorite songs. Hope it brings you good memories and some healing.

  5. Very sweet. She would be so proud of you, Cat.

  6. You've reminded me this morning of something written by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross:

    "People are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when
    the sun's out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is
    revealed only if there is light within."

    You, dear lady, are simply filled with light. Thanks for being here with us today.

  7. Special days, holidays, etc., are extra hard on those who grieve. I'm certain she knows she was loved, and I hope that gives you some comfort.

  8. As a new Texan (by 2 miles) I just learned that Front Porch song, main streets, and Agua Dulce - and trying to avoid being tempted into a plate of enchiladas. You give me a smile in your unique way of looking at things.

  9. The pain of loss does ease. But, the sweet memories remain.

    We do get back up.

    Remember the good times.

  10. What a lovely song in memory of your mother! I send your a cyber hug. It's hard to lose someone you love.

  11. Cat music always helps me purge my grief even if it is just for a short time...I will never stop grieving over my father's death....we are tied to those memories of our parents and they will help us smile again.


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