February 26, 2014

We Rejoice and Give Thanks :: Spring

Dear God, 

We rejoice and give thanks for earthworms, 
bees, ladybirds and broody hens; for
humans tending their gardens, talking to 
animals, cleaning their homes and singing to 
themselves; for the rising of the sap, the 
fragrance of growth, the invention of the
wheelbarrow and the existence of the
teapot, we give thanks.  We celebrate and 
give thanks. 
The Prayer Tree - Leunig

p.s. we rejoice and give thanks for screech owls too ♥


  1. Such sweet albeit a bit grouchy faces these little owls show us. It is no wonder so many of us are smitten. As for me and my garden, we are grateful for even the light rain we got yesterday. It is not quite "enough" (if there is such a thing for Texas these days) but it was a beginning!

  2. Yes..grateful for that little bit of rain. More, please!
    Such a cute little guy.

    1. I checked the gauge this morning; 1/3" ... a nice start but like you I'd like more, please!

  3. Beautiful prayer on a beautiful day - giving thanks as well.

  4. What a wonderful prayer, it definitely sums up how I feel:) Your Screech Owl looks so cute and serious. Feels like Spring has Sprung here in South TX.

  5. Gratitude...it certainly is powerful. Yes, we give thanks for all the miracles. (What a sweet photo of the screech owl!)

  6. It's only Spring-ish here. At least the snow has melted...I'm thankful for that. So happy to see you again, Cat.

  7. Very sweet prayer, and what an adorable owl.

  8. Cute, sleepy owl. Hope you get to observe her owlets.

  9. This year more than ever I am very grateful for spring!

  10. Amen. I heard from a friend in San Antonio you all were having a early spring. Love the owl!

    1. It seemed like spring up until about 45 minutes ago when the temperature went from 70 to 39! Dang it! The columbine and iris are about to pop and I tried to rescue a couple of the little rose blooms off the old blush climber. They are calling for 26 tonight :/

  11. Replies
    1. Thanks, Alan. It's nice to hear from you :)

  12. The immense importance of gratitude ! I am sure your owl is grateful for a place to roost.

  13. Adorable owl! And I give thanks for friends like you, Cat!

  14. hahaha I am pretty sure I just heard that owl singing:

    And nobody knows tiddely-pom,
    How cold my toes tiddely-pom,
    How cold my toes are growing.

    we are ready for spring now ty verra much

  15. Happy Spring which will soon visit us here too. Love the owl!


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