March 21, 2014

I'm Like a Momma with a New Baby

Y'all I can't help myself.  I'm completely smitten with this guy.  I'm transfixed.  Maybe even a bit obsessed.  

He's visible from the kitchen, dining and family room windows.  Upstairs the best view is from my son's room.  Specifically, his bed.  Where I perch.  Constantly.  To take more photos.  

He/she? has taken to sitting at the opening of the box during the day which leads me to think the box must be getting a bit crowded.  With momma and eggs?  I don't know.  Maybe with owlets?  It seems early for that though.  

The eggs take nearly a month to hatch and then the owlets are box bound for approximately another month.  You can be sure I'll keep you posted!  I just pray I'll get to take some photos of the owlets because they are the CUTEST things ever.

On the down side, I haven't spotted many anoles yet this spring.  My garden is usually thriving with their presence...  Having said that, I noticed this the last time we had owls nesting here and their population recovered. 

The folks that live here with me are pretty sure I need an intervention.   I claim there are much worse things I could be doing with my time.  


  1. Oh, that is the cutest thing ever and I'll be checking back to see if you can catch the babies. There are plenty of anoles to go around so they will return.

    The folks who think you need intervention should consider that a lot of us will have to go with you to rehab.

  2. I'm just like you--constantly checking on my owl. She is now staying in the Mt. Laurel, one tree over from where the brood box is in the oak tree. She's thinks she's inconspicuous, but she doesn't have me fooled. If past observance holds true for this year. it means that there are probably eggs in the house. I'll bet your owl is in the same process, maybe just a few days behind. I hope we both have owlets soon!

  3. Awww, you guys! Cutest face ever. Cat, even if you don't capture the babies I'm already totally smitten. Where did you get your owl nesting box? I understand it is probably too late for this year but I'm thinking we ought to be on the lookout for just the right spot to place one here (keeping in mind it will need to be close enough to SOMEBODY'S window to allow for paparazzerie! That said - do you also have bird feeders out? Does having an owl nesting in your yard present a threat to other birds? We have a nesting pair of cardinals here and a couple of resident mockingbirds as well and I'd hate to do anything that would chase them off.

    1. We found the owl box at Wildbirds Ulimited and I've also seen plans for them if you're handy and would like to build your own. There's also a bunch of information on the web about placing the box. We have a lot of birds in the yard...cardinals, wrens, tit mice, mockingbirds, cardinals, road runners, goldfinches, jays, etc. Every now and then, the jays especially, will get in a dither and chase the owl back in the box but mostly the owl seems to just ignore them all. I'd encourage you to get a is so much fun to stalk/I mean watch them :)

  4. That's exciting!!!! I would be perched and watching as well!

  5. I'd be doing the same thing - I hear owls at night but have never seen one. All I can see from my windows is a squirrel raiding our birdfeeders.

  6. Very cute! They are so adorable I could see how you can become obsessed with watching them. Can't wait to see pictures of the owlets:)

  7. Ha ha! I had a giggle at your last sentence! Yes, I think owl-watching is a healthy obsession, so you're OK. Lucky you to have a such a cutie to watch.

  8. An owl house! Brilliant! I'd be transfixed too. Do share more photos.

  9. I agree...your time is well spent. I would be smitten and obsessed too

  10. What a gift, Cat, to have these beautiful creatures in your backyard! Thank you for sharing. I think maybe I'll build an owl house in my backyard in Michigan! They are such amazing critters to spy on and watch! 😊


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