August 26, 2010

Looking Closely...

Do you have those days when you're really in a hurry and you don't get to wander through the garden the way you'd really like to?  You know those days when you're dragging the hose around as quickly as possible and watering the containers before the demands of the day begin to take all of your energy and attention. Having the time to browse through the garden at your leisure is a real luxury and when you do get the opportunity it's amazing what you'll find...

Do you see it?  Hidden there on the well camouflaged that if it had been a typical morning I would have missed it.  But instead it was a day bearing the gift of time and I was able to enjoy watching this  little guy for a while.

Always happy to see a ladybug in the garden!  This one was on the Japanese Yew.  Upon closer inspection...

there seems to be a little ladybug luvin goin on...I think we better give them a little privacy...


  1. I enjoyed looking at your blog...very pretty photos! I love your header. When I walked outside this morning it did seem a little cooler. Fall gardening is great in Austin. :)
    It is nice that school has started. We have three boys 18,
    14 and 12. They were starting to get very bored at home. Also, thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment.

  2. Thanks Amy! You're my first official comment from someone who isn't married to me or a friend!! Yes, the air felt wonderful this morning! Both my kiddos noticed how nice it felt. Best of luck on your garden visit! I'm sure you'll shine :)

  3. Love the pics of the dragonfly and those lady bugs!


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