August 29, 2010

Flowers Rock

Flowers rock - all the fabulous shapes and colors and smells.  I mean really, who can resist a gorgeous flower?  Not me.  I love them all but I have a canopy of oak trees that don't really allow for a whole lot of variety in the flower realm.  So I've had to learn to find my color and texture elsewhere.

A lovely friend has patiently taught me over the years to appreciate the beauty of foliage and to quit worrying about having a garden full of flowering plants.  Although  I still want more flowers, I'll admit the leaves of these plants have definitely got my eye wandering...



  1. Such striking studies in form and shape and pattern. Thanks for sharing your original point of view. It is a good reminder that beauty is not restricted to blooms.

  2. Woohoo! A really close garden blogger who deals with live oak shade! Great photography. Enjoyed looking back over all your posts & looking forward to the future ones.

  3. TexasDeb and RBell: Thanks so much for all your kind words. I have enjoyed your posts for quite a while and am so pleased to finally be "conversing" with you!


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