September 10, 2010

Just a Glimpse At First

These curtains were added to the arbor in May to soften the hardscape and to make the space feel more like an outdoor room.  Little did I know that they would serve as home to a green anole.  I'd seen him periodically throughout the week but he never came out far enough for me to capture him in a photograph. 

Then he appeared and showed himself to me in all his splendid molting glory!

There was no shyness to his appearance as he let me take photo after photo.  I don't have a zoom lens so he was allowing me to get pretty close - within 18"-24" or so.   He was out loud and proud!

He looks like the Green Anole Superhero with his cape flying wildly behind him or maybe Bridezilla!

At this point he was done with my antics and was ready to move on down (or up as the case may be) the road...

But not until he came back down to give me one final "do you mind" look!

It's almost as if he was in costume.  You know the type; put a wig on them and the next thing you know, they're dancing on tables...Whatever the reason for his brief uninhibited behavior, I'm glad I was there to watch!


  1. So, does this little fellow speak with a delightful English cockney accent? Does he sell you insurance? I am in love with him! These are wonderful photos!

  2. I've been stalking an anole in my garden too. He seems to like one of my elephant ears. He catches my attention by jumping from one leaf to the next over and over again. I've got bobbing elephant ears!!

  3. Would you be interested in blowing this up into an 8X10? I LOVE it! When you run out of room in your yard...I've got plenty of room for your creativity in mine!

  4. Anoles are so bold. I miss them. I had so many in my former garden but none in this one, only the fiercer-looking Texas spiny lizards. That last photo is adorable.


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