October 23, 2010

Cheap Thrills!

For a few bucks at the local grocery store you can have the pure delight of bringing nature's bounty inside...

As the days are getting shorter, it lifts my spirits to have some of summer's sunshine brightening up the house.

These sunflowers are screaming "sunshine" at anyone who'll listen as they pass through the kitchen!

Look at me!  No.  Really!  Stop.  Look!  I'm intricately detailed and glorious!

Velvety rich leaves and silky petals beckon...

I guess I do have a couple of minutes to spare...Oh, yeah, you are so worth every penny!


  1. It always brightens my day to bring home flowers. Sometimes I bring in rosemary from the garden ... love the way it smells! Beautiful photos. :)

  2. I often purchase sunflowers from our local growers. They brighten any day and bring such joy into the home. Your photos and study of them are wonderful.

    I hope you can get the issue with picking your post fixed. You often have posts that many others should make sure they see.

  3. Amy, I like your idea of bringing rosemary inside. I've not thought of that and will have to try it. I love when the house smells like the garden.

    GWGT - Thank you for being so patient. It seems Stuart is on holiday. I've talked with a friend of mine who is very good with computers and I have one more thing to try. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Those attractive sunflowers definitely brightens up the day. Coincidentally, I have just sowed sunflower seeds yesterday. How long did yours take to bloom?

  5. One, I wish you luck in growing your sunflowers! I've not grown any yet. I'd like to try them sometime. Meredith at Great Stems posted on some that were a bronze color this summer and I'd like to try them soon. These in the pics came from the grocery store ;-)

  6. Nice photos of the sunflower! I think the first is my favorite.

  7. I always eye the grocery store cut flowers longingly in the winter but never bring them home. Why? I don't know!!! Will definitely have to bring home some gorgeous sunflowers this winter after being reminded of how glorious they are!

  8. I have been toying with the idea of sunflowers, which get past my "edibles only" rule as the seeds can be consumed. The artichoke flowers have given me a taste for bright yellow against a leaden sky!

  9. Lovely velvetty sunflowers - you still have glorious light there.

  10. That first shot is phenomenal, Cat. Great job.

  11. Great idea to bring some of that sunflower sunshine indoors ! Our outdoor flowers are almost gone with the exception of a few hardy petunias.

    Great macros - so crisp, and cheery !


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