October 29, 2010

Monarch Madness

Fortunately we've got plenty of wildflowers here in Austin for the Monarch's annual migration to Mexico.  They are so delightful to watch as they flutter about on the autumn breezes.  Luckily they take a moment to rest or sip nectar giving me an opportunity to catch their gorgeous colors.

You may remember this mosaic from a couple months back.  I enjoyed looking closely at the differences and similarities in the caterpillar and butterflies.  I thought you might like to do the same...What an amazing transformation!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Aaahhhhh....love the texture on that second photo a lot! Good job! The monarch photos are gorgeous!

  2. What lovely photo`s of a gorgeous butterfly. We do occaisionally get Monarch`s here in the U.K., but they are very rare!
    Just found your blog from `The Idiot Gardener`, lovely photo`s! I try to take a few photo`s of my local wildlife, not a patch on yours though!
    Follow me @ Hedgeland Tales
    (You know you want to!)

  3. I am beside myself when i see one of these butterflies. The monarch butterfly is well named; the color and patterns of its wings are truly regal. Your photos of the butterfly, as well as the collage of the caterpillars, are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your pictures, as usual! The photo at the top makes the wings almost seem translucent! Their beauty is magnified by how ephemeral they are.

  5. The monarchs left Ontario a few weeks ago, glad to know they are passing through Texas. I guess that means they should be in Mexico soon. Love the pics.

  6. Beautiful shots! I didn't get Monarch babies this year, but have the plants. Still, I was a pit stop to their long flight.
    Happy Gardening.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  7. A lovely post ... beautiful fall colors in the collage!

  8. what a gorgeous collage! I love those monarch photos. I have a post a few back of the transformation after we brought some caterpillars in to observe.

    It's such an amazing thing - it's easy to get overwhelmed pontificating the whole thing!

  9. Wow - great captures. Beautiful colours in these - they are magnificent creatures !

  10. such a nice post! We can never get enough of the Monarchs!


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