October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Abutilon Beauty


  1. This is a really gorgeous picture. Bravo.

  2. One impactful photo! Although wordless, yet loud.

  3. Aaah!
    One of my all-time beloved plants: they do so well here with very little water and never fail to delight.
    Great photo.

  4. ((Here I am again: Frustrated... that Blotanical is not allowing me to pick you post!!
    Alice aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz))

  5. Wow...very pretty! I have an abutilon that is not blooming quite yet. I think they are so pretty!

  6. Stellar!! Oh, that liquid light! Wow! ;>)

  7. Abutilon is such a nice flower hanging like little lanterns off the plant! I do love this one. I have a pink one that has hardly grown at all this summer - probably needs to be moved...

    Alice, Tell me about it!! I've emailed Stuart but someone mentioned they think he is on holiday. So, until he returns, I'm stuck! I've done everything I know to do and to no avail! Thanks for sticking with me ;-)


  8. You certainly have a way of finding the most interesting angle when taking your photos. Another beauty.

  9. So beautiful! I've never seen this blossom before. Love the way it captures the light.

  10. Hi there!
    You really have a nice garden blog and unbelievable photos!
    I've been reading blog comments and found yours on Pam's Digging. I liked the name of your garden and your garden style so I just had to visit. I was a lurker for years as well, then took the plunge.
    Welcome to Garden Blogging.
    Isn't it fun?
    Happy Gardening from David & Melanie
    Tropical Texana/ Houston :-)

  11. Stunning - love how you captured the details and the colour; very nice dof !

  12. Hello David, Melanie and family! I'm happy to meet you and appreciate you stopping by and introducing yourself. Yes, garden blogging has been a wonderful way to pass the time. A little too much time if you ask my fmaily! The best part has been all the wonderful bloggers I've met. I'll be checking out your blog soon. ~Cat


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