November 15, 2010

Beauty And The Bloom ~ GBBD November

Beauty in the progression of the life of a bloom.

From gentle awakening to spectacular potential to certain decay.

The transition is inevitable. 

The transition is fascinating.

The transition brings hope in the discovery of the beauty within each bloom.  
Even in the decline of late autumn our final blooms bring forth hope as we imagine the
promise of next spring.

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  1. Cat! This is great. I enjoyed the progression of each bloom. Do you post-process or are you fantastically talented?

  2. Hi Cat, Sign me up for your next photography lesson. :)
    Those are absolutely beautiful!
    The photo with the bee caught my attention...looks like it has a smiling face on it with the pollen.

  3. I agree, your photography is beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous! And you are quite right, the details of the transitions and truly fascinating and beautifully captured. Impressive photography skills!

  5. Your macros are spectacular. Such detail and color.

  6. You must be a very patient person. Lovely photos.

  7. What wonderful and beautiful macro shots of the unfolding blooms. I love them all. Have a great week!

  8. Hi Cat,
    it's me Sandra, Kyle's wife, in case you are wondering. We talked about your friend's photography tonight and then I found you and your blog. I love your pictures and I love macro shots. I took a ton this summer. Sorry, my blog is only in German and mainly about sewing. I can definitely answer questions in English though ;)
    Take care, Sandra

  9. Stunning macros and beautiful subjects. Wish I had your talent.

  10. Beautifully said/photographed, Cat, and so agree ...

  11. Wow - stunning transformations Cat ! Simply beautiful.

  12. Beautiful photos! I love how you used the progression and the macro.

  13. Dear Readers, Thank you so much for your generous compliments about my photography. I've spent some time studying my camera and learning how to use it more effectively. Your comments tell me my hard work has rewards! Thank you as it makes me want to learn and improve more ;-)

    Welcome to the new visitors! I'm glad you found the whimsical gardener and it's my hope that you'll visit again. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Bom, thank you and yes I do post-process. Mostly for cropping, brightness and shadow correction and occasionally for color but I don't alter my images or change colors or anything like that. The sun is so bright here that if you find yourself trying to shoot anytime other than early morning or late afternoon the pictures tend to look a little washed out.

    Sandra!! Imagine meeting you here :-) I just love that we'll be able to follow along with each other. I'll visit your blog and use google translator to read. Don't know a lick of German so will have to comment in English!!

  14. When is the book coming out? These should definitely be in your book for more people to enjoy them.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful images!

    Mariza Brussolo

  15. Wow, thank you Mariza! So glad you enjoyed visiting and I hope you'll be back ;-)


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