November 16, 2010

A Subdued Palette ~ Foliage Follow-up

Ours is generally a more subdued palette of autumn here in Central Texas with occasional POPS of color that will really catch your eye as you travel along.  We don't have the expansive vistas of vibrant foliage that I've wistfully witnessed through my blog following.  But it is what it is, so I will share and hope that we can agree that every part of this world is inherently beautiful in its own right.

The radiant autumn light enhances the skeletal form of the trees across the lake from 
the dock where I perched.

A lone tree carrying the weight of announcing autumn's arrival to the neighborhood.

Dozens of blue damselflies were swarming the dock and shallow waters along the shore of the lake.  They were a marvel to watch as they flitted about, playfully chasing each other.

You can see that we have an abundance of green in the surrounding hills.  There are many cedars as well as Live Oak trees, both of which will stay green throughout the year.  But oh how the little pops of color bring a smile to my face! 

A magnificent representation of the last days of autumn.

Intricate details of a leaf in decay capture the imagination.

The grasses have been bleached by the sun and sway gently in the breeze
catching bits of sunlight as they move.

This colorful vine meanders its way up the beautifully textured trunk of a Live Oak tree.

The anole has abandoned his bright green hue of summer for a more seasonal coat of brown.


The fall color was so enchanting that I couldn't resist bringing some into the kitchen!

Visit Digging to catch a glimpse of the fall foliage happenings around the world.


  1. Hello Cat : ) This is my first visit and you have a beautiful blog here !
    I love those pops of colour .. they almost looked "Canadian EH!" LOL
    That little reptile made me gasp but what a fantastic picture you got of him/her ? .. yes bringing in some colour (we spell colour that way up here ..hehe) really makes the home cheerful and seasonal : )

  2. What a beautiful post! The lake water looks so inviting and the yellow leaves beckon you across. I imagine the temp is warm enough for a lovely swim even now. Sigh! Your hilly landscape is gorgeous and brings a smile to me as well. Color and magic in all your photos and I especially love the eye of your anole! ;>)

  3. Those are all beautiful photos, Cat. The grasses and the tree trunk ... you definitely captured autumn at its finest!

  4. Welcome Joy! I've enjoyed looking around your blog as well ;-) Yes, that is funny comparing our smidgen of color to your grand Canadian colour but it does make me happy to have the cooler days and change of scenery. So glad you stopped by and I do hope you'll visit again.

    Hello Carol, Thank you for your kind words. Yes, for those hardy enough there is still swimming going on. The lake pictured is fairly cold even in the summer months but Lake Travis gets nice and warm and is more my temp for swimming! We live between both so fortunately I have a choice as I'm quite the wimp when it comes to being cold ;-)

    Thanks Amy. Those grasses never fail to make my heart happy!

  5. We have mostly a green palatte here in North Florida like you. The 'pop' of fall color brings a smile to my face too. I love the depth of the photo of grass...your fall colored vine up the tree looks a lot like poison ivy....Leaves of three gave it can get the rash even when the vine is dormant.

  6. Hi Darla, Thanks for stopping by. The grass photo was one of my favorites too. I gave the vine plenty of room while taking the picture as it looks suspicious to me as well but its beauty couldn't be denied!

  7. Hi Cat, Your photos are always lovely. I haven't seen a blue damselfly around yet in my area. I like the simple idea of bringing fall into the kitchen.

  8. You've captured the calm beauty of subtle hues. I also like the splash of color brought into your kitchen.

  9. What wonderful Foliage Followup images. Great color in them. The anole was very obliging to turn fall colors for your photo. What a nice gesture.

  10. A lovely, lovely foliage post, Cat. Thank you for joining in. That vine climbing the oak sure is pretty, but it looks a bit like poison ivy, doesn't it? Look, but don't touch!

  11. Subdued? I think not-just brilliant.

  12. Lovely fall colors and beautiful pictures. I love the last image best of the glass jar with the leaves glowing in the sunlight.

  13. Dear One and Garden Sense, the autumn leaves in the kitchen catch the afternoon light and make doing dishes a lot less mundane!

    GWGT, thank you. I saw the anole again today and he is so brave as he stares me down with that blue/green eye!

    Pam, yes, I do think it's poison ivy and fortunately it's not in my yard!! Thanks again for hosting Foliage-follow-up. I enjoy finding the beauty in foliage each month.

    Thank you Tina. I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

  14. The damsel fly looks like it was colored with a bright paint brush. Lovely fall photos.

  15. Love your shots of the oak & juniper covered hillsides - would love to have that view from my deck!

  16. Thank you Jennifer! I meant to include you in the response above too ;-)

    RBell that makes two of us!

  17. Beautiful photos Cat. Maye not New England fall colors but we still have some color and you did a good job of showing them. And yes, that is a Poison Ivy vine that is part of our fall color. Virginia Creeper is another vine with good fall color if you happen on to any.

  18. More beautiful photos. I love the damselfly.

  19. Hi Cat, i love all your photos, i can't seem to choose my favorite as everyone is outstanding. I am also new in Blotanical although of course i have been around for ages. Am still fidgeting in this "pick" business, but i gave you a 4, haha!

  20. Beautiful colors!
    I love the leaves you brought into you home

  21. I love your quiet fall colors, not as gaudy as ours in New England. While I love our autumn spectacular here, it can get to be too much. I'm enjoying your soft focus lovely shots of a subdued fall!

  22. Hi Whimsical Gardener,

    Your photographs are so beautiful. I can see that you really enjoy what you do, if shows in your images. I’m inspired!

    Mariza Brussolo

  23. I think the grasses and seed heads are what make central Texas autumns what they are. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Hi Cat,
    You've got great angles in most of your fotos. Love them. Will be checking on your latest posts,

  25. Wow, I didn't realize there were so many trees in Texas! You have lots of lovely foliage there.


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