May 11, 2011

Inside Austin Gardens Tour 2011

Austin garden bloggers were treated to a preview of four of the gardens on the Inside Austin Gardens Tour hosted by the Texas Master Gardeners.

Inside Austin Gardens Tour 2011
Saturday, May 14
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Rain or Shine
$5 single entry or $10 for access to all the gardens

There is a little something for everyone on this tour.  The theme this year is water wise gardening.

I'm mostly going to let the gardens speak for themselves as they each had such distinct personalities that come through in the photographs.

3712 Holt Drive:   Whimsical touches were everywhere in this garden that was once home to invasive plants.  The homeowner has since removed them and planted beautiful natives and adapted plants.  The colors in this garden are fabulous!

3303 Doolin:   A zen garden where designer Link Davidson works magic with reclaimed materials.  Railroad ties, re-purposed concrete and found objects adorn this garden along with water thrifty plants.

4603 Palisade:  Lush and tropical feeling.  This garden left me thinking that in gardening there are three important factors; compost, compost, compost.

Notice how the Vitex tree has grown through the deck.  After several attempts to remove the tree, the owner decided to see what would happen if she let it grow.  The result is really cool.

2303 Spring Wagon Lane:   Edibles everywhere!  My first taste of a green bean right off the was amazing! 


The owner identified each plant which was really helpful. 

A trellis made from found materials.

This gardener had the most beautiful compost.  She had several bins side by side in various stages of decay.

Blackberries ripen on the vine...

As you can see, there is plenty of inspiration on this tour.  I hope you'll treat yourself to some time off from your own garden this Saturday and enjoy what these charming gardens have to offer.

A warm thank you to all who hosted us.   Your gardens are wonderful and it was so much fun to meet you and learn of your experiences in your gardens.


  1. Austin gardens are the most fun. I love the use of metals in the landscape. FW Hidden Garden Tour is Sunday. Going to see how they do it here.

    Thanks for the preview.

  2. Aww, you got a nice photo of the kitty in the tree. And lots of other good shots too. I had fun touring around with you, Catherine. That Taco Deli stop with Philip behind us was the most hilarious moment.

  3. Thanks for the tour! So many great things to see. Loved that watering can!!! And you reminded me - I need more compost!

  4. Pam you don't know how many times I've laughed about that moment! It was comical...good times!

  5. I was all ready to catch you out with the "something for everyone" comment, but then I saw the bamboo photos, so you were right. :-)

  6. Thank you for this tour of the tour! Great ideas --

  7. So many beautiful gardens here and so many ideas and visions. The whimsical garden was my favourite. Like the crows, I love shiny things.

  8. I appreciate a luscious virtual tour! I can almost see the swiss chard growing in the photo ...

  9. I love garden tours. Thank you for sharing your photos of those beautifully creative gardens!

  10. inspiration beauty..I loved the three watering cans...and the cat!

  11. Great photos, Cat. It was really good touring with you.

  12. What absolutely fantastic photos! I've got to go grab a cup of tea and come and sit down and look at them again. Lots of inspiration there!

  13. Thank you for coming over to see the garden! I'm so glad to know that you enjoyed my compost bin. The three-bin system has really worked the best for me and I can never produce enough! I bring coffee grounds home from work and scrounge yard debris from all my neighbors just to make sure I have enough cookin' up. My theme is "For those about to rot (we salute you)" Apologies to AC/DC.

  14. Mrs Bok - I came away from these gardens inspired too! My poor husband - he is so tired ;) He keeps telling me that he has 'quit' the garden but thankfully, he can always be persuaded to help!

    Thank you Sheryl...your compost bins were something I came away from your garden wanting to emulate. We have a spot behind our garage that will work just fine for a set up like that. I took a picture of the luscious compost that looked 'ready' to use but in my excitement, the photo was blurry!

  15. What a delightful tour with many great ideas! I love the watering cans hanging over the water garden.

  16. What beautiful places!! I agree with Deb - I love the watering cans! Thanks for the tour. :)

  17. Love love love garden tours! And now thanks to the internet I can even go on garden tours on the other side of the world.


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