May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Undisturbed


  1. Super capture! So nice that he sat still long enough for you to get such a crisp photo and composition.

  2. Just beautiful! A photo like this is number one on my "Things-I-wanna-take-a-great-picture-of-list"
    I was happy to read you had a nice mother's day.
    Take care, Sandra

  3. Karin, It was unbelievable how long he sat there. I was using a fixed 50mm so had to stand within 10 inches or so of was a cool moment!

  4. Very nice! Look at the detail in those wings. I am not sure what this fly is perched upon but its form perfectly compliments the body of this beauty. What a great image.

  5. Dragonflies are always way too 'flighty' for me to get a photo of them. I love seeing the in my garden, though. They look like a helicopter, don't they?

  6. Hi, Cat. It was so good to meet you yesterday. Where did you capture this incredible image? You're quite a photographer: I absolutely love the images you present your readers.

  7. Superb! Perfect capture. As if he were posing.

  8. omg, you're so talented!!

    Exquisite photo and texture and detail.

    love it!!

    visiting via Sweet Shot Tuesdays.


  9. Need to nickname the fly, Rusty..

  10. @All, thanks! Austin garden bloggers were invited on a tour of several gardens yesterday (I'll post about them tonight) and this dragonfly sat quietly, completely undisturbed by our presence, and allowed me to photograph him.

    Link, thank you. I enjoyed meeting you as well. All your creative energy was contagious and so fun! The dragonfly image was captured in your garden next to your grapes!

  11. That is one of the most detailed photos I have ever seen of a dragonfly. You always do such a great job.

  12. Great phot Cat,
    The dragonflies are just starting to emerge here in the U.K., which is a true sign of summer!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  13. Great capture. Have you ever think that possible moviemakers do use these for designing their monsters like Alien. I always see similarities with these and science fiction film monsters:)

  14. Gorgeous capture. Gorgeous photo. I'm going to have to borrow some gorgeous photos for my next post.

    I'm terribly late for Mother's Day wish. Happy Day today and everyday.


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