November 5, 2011

30 Day Challenge ~ Thanksgiving ~ Day 5

I'm thankful for what may be one of the last water lilies of the season.  Austin-Bergstrom International Airport reached 26F (-3C) Friday morning.  After the record breaking summer we've had, it probably 
won't surprise you to learn that this is a record breaking low temperature.  Still, finding thanks
in the small treasures of the garden.


  1. Beautiful! That seems really cold for Austin especially this time of year. We've had some frosty mornings but the days have warmed up and been gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous! The pink is so delicate and beautiful...much for which to be grateful!

  3. Right after we moved to SC from SD, I saw a huge pond of native waterlilies behind the Winn Dixie. I gasped so loud my husband nearly crashed the car. The incongruity of the scene - run down grocery next to pond of lilies - was as interesting as the flowers were stunning. It was like a painting by the Redneck Monet. Fortunately for all involved, I can view your lilies from the safety of my home office. :o) They're beauties! Right now TX is colder than we are!!

  4. You gotta be kiddin! I'm telling everyone it's gonna be nice and warm (relatively compaired to Germany) when I'm there and now this. We've not had -3°C yet here in Berlin! Keep warm!

  5. Perfect shot! I think it's wonderful that you've decided to do this challenge... Writing down what we are thankful for can be so eye-opening.--We are blessed in so many ways-thanks for sharing your small treasures :)

  6. When I think of Texas weather that does seem cold.
    What a gorgeous picture Cat!

  7. Dziękuję, że mogłam popatrzeć na lilię wodną One u nas już dawno przekwitły. Pozdrawiam

  8. Cat such a blessing to still see those pond had its first freeze Fri night.

  9. I am not ready for winter. I feel we lost so much of summer. Pretty water lily!


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