April 4, 2012

Plant Me! Plant Me!

Perched upon the swing with eyes closed, the evening breeze carries the delicious scent of roses
 and transports me back to childhood...

Sweet memories of walking to school along rose-lined sidewalks, enveloped in the heady aroma of dozens of blossoms and sometimes dangerously daring to pluck one from the bush to carry the scent home...

Antique rose 'Marie Daly':  fragrant, disease tolerant, repeat bloomer, few thorns, sun/part shade, 3'x3'.  'Marie Pavie' is the white version.  A great, reliable selection for Central Texas. 


  1. Isn't it amazing how a smell can transport you instantly to a time or place? Roses do it better than anything.

  2. The white blooms are so crisp and elegant...and they smell too! Lovely!

  3. I have iceberg roses that are blooming riotously right now... they look wonderful, but alas, no scent at all. Enjoy your lovely rose!

  4. So pretty! I passed by Marie Pavie the other day. Now I wish I would have taken her home!

  5. I don't have childhood memories linked to roses. My memories are mostly tied into orchids which were what my mother cared for when I was growing up.

  6. This is beautiful.
    I wonder if I could fit one into the fenced yard... Roses are deer candy here.

  7. I have similar memories with scents transporting me back to various moments. These are lovely roses--delicate, soft, and alluring.

  8. You know? I can smell it from here. I once had Marie pave in a pot. Unfortunately it died when the watering system failed and we were away. I was pretty. I have Felicia which is another wonderfully fragrant rose. Very delicate like pave.

  9. lovely pale pink blooms that I can smell from here

  10. I have Marie Pavie and now I think I need Marie
    Daly too. Lovely!


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