April 2, 2012

Where To Begin? Attracting Migrating Birds...

Spring 2012 is beyond spectacular and it's even sweeter after the long, hellish summer of 2011.

The last few days have been a gardening blur!  I'm feverishly trying to finish up my spring tasks before it gets too hot.  Soon the garden will be a place for relaxing but for now it's a frenzy of activity.


Gulf Coast Penstemon

The hummingbird feeders have been thoroughly cleaned and a sugar solution of one part sugar to 4 parts boiling water has been prepared.  There was a visitor to the front feeder this evening!  The first of many I hope.

Speaking of birds, while visiting Wild Birds Unlimited in early February, I learned that putting out fruit beginning April 1st would attract migrating orioles to your yard.

I didn't use anything fancy...just found some wire and poked holes through the center of an orange after slicing, threaded the fruit on to the wire and then twisted the wire closed around a branch.

It's like a little fruit ornament hanging from the persimmon tree.  It's also close to the disappearing fountain which the goldfinches love to use as a drinking and bathing source.

Another tip the salesperson gave me was to put out millet to attract painted buntings.  I saw a couple pass through my garden last fall...If they come by again, I'll be ready for them.

 Abutilon 'Patricks'

It seems not only the gardener has been busy...

 Female green anole...

Male anole in hot pursuit...

The work of spring has to be done.  I hope you're finding the time and energy to get your spring projects finished.  Now, would someone please pass the Advil.


  1. Oh Cat, I thought your anole pics couldnt get any better, but I guess I was wrong ;-)
    Great post!
    xo Sana

  2. Fab photos and I love the anoles..too cute..I had heard that orioles love oranges and grape jelly. You are going to be a bird sanctuary before you know it!!

  3. I hung fruit out last year but didn't get any orioles. They are not that common in NE GA. I hope you have better luck. I saw the first hummer last week! I am always glad to welcome them back. Your shots of the anole are fabulous!

  4. I agree Sana: these Anole photos are great! They make me so jealous though -- I want reptiles in my garden!

  5. Beautiful images!! Here in the Pacific Northwest we can attract the Western Tanager with fruit.
    We don't have that cute little Anole, but we do have a very shy brownish-gray lizard that will come out to sun.
    Thanks for the great post!! :)

  6. Great idea with the oranges. I usually just stick them on a plate, but I like your idea much better. When the orioles show up in my garden, I have to work overtime keeping the hummingbird feeders full. It's great fun watching them.

  7. glad to hear the hummingbird has come to your yard! i'm waiting up here!

  8. Fun post, the anoles are cute.

    Good idea about the fruit, I'll try that. We had painted buntings at the feeder two years ago and they are so beautiful. Thanks, I'm making sure the millet is out now.

  9. I put fruit out for the Orioles. I saw some Orioles in my backyard, not eating the fruit, but at the hummingbird feeder. I love your Abutilon 'Patricks. Another plant I can't find here in SA. Great Anole pics. They are all over our backyard.

  10. We may be losing ground, with the heat.

    Love all your pix. Those anoles are a hoot. A little PDA going on there. :)

    I'm going to hang some oranges out, right now. Maybe we'll get some Orioles. Unless the raccoons get it, like they do the feeders...grrrr.

    Happy Gardening...

  11. I'm seriously jealous; our only Oriole is a rare and extremely secretive creature, not given to visiting gardens whatever you hang out on the tree. A super post.

  12. Beautiful images x I'm fascinated by different plants and animals from other countries! The anoles are so cute!

  13. Those anole photos are great! I always feel behind in spring, knowing the hot days of summer will be here before I'm ready. I saw my first hummingbird yesterday. I was so excited!

  14. Cat, Soon there will be baby anoles who will out-cute even their adorable parents. Romance is in the air quite literally. In search for the perfect mate, the birds were singing so sweetly today in my garden.

  15. I'm hoping the new frogs in my frog pond will get frisky and make some babies. :o) Love your anoles. We don't have them here.

  16. We saw a lot of anoles in New Orleans last week--they're so cute! After being there, I'm so envious of gardeners in the south who have longer growing seasons every year! This year is an exception, of course, as our warm weather started in March. Your shot of the Abutilon is crazy incredible!

  17. This is great. I love your Anole shots. Cool little guys. Beautiful shots.

  18. Great tip with the orange slices. I have a bag in the fridge that I need to get rid of... I think I'll give it a try. Let us know if you have any luck! We had painted buntings last year, attracted by the regular seed mix. I did purchase some millet sprays which someone ate... but the buntings were just as happy sitting at the feeder sorting through the seed assortment. They are SO pretty!!

  19. The photos of the Anoles are fantastic!! Great captures. Love the orange tip, going to do that next spring.

  20. Great shot of mating lizards! My puppy startled a pair of courting herons this morning. I wish I'd had my camera.

  21. Great shots! Wow! I had some painted buntings last year too- soooo pretty. What color! The simplicity of orange on a wire looks so pretty. I like it. Will have to put some out and see what we attract.

  22. Judy - KY Used to work for a Wild Birds Unlimited - a GREAT place for birding info!! No Anoles here, but we have blue tailed skinks which are also very cute, but very shy. Had my yard certified last year as a wildlife refuge - keep up the good work and the great photos!


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