May 14, 2015

Between the Storms

The light is a bit other-worldly in the garden recently. The last remains of oak pollen have been washed away by multiple rain showers and the air is pure and clean, scented with jasmine.  Between the storms are opportunities to catch glimpses of magical light and the imagination lingers on what it might be like to live in a place with reliable and abundant rain.  A place lush and green.  This spring the mind doesn't have to wander far; not any farther than the back door.


  1. Your photos have a totally different feel to them these days. The only fitting word I can think of is 'inspired'. They're beautiful.

  2. Beautiful Cat! These wet spring days will soon be gone...

  3. Austin, recast as a watercolor cloud forest? A magical image, and one I will certainly return to for temporary solace once the bright washed out light of July is upon us.

  4. It is definitely a spring for imagining one lives in a lush, rainy climate. I'm soaking it up, just like my garden.

  5. We have had very little rain here yet the garden is lush and green. Spring certainly holds magical powers.

  6. Lovely photo! My first visit to your site but I will be back. I'm sure I can learn some great photography tips from you.

  7. I never knew that there were so many great gardening blogs out there! I love the dark and blurry effects you applied to your photo. Nature is such a beautiful thing, in fact it's amazing how much beauty is around us and that we seem to miss so often.


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