May 27, 2015

Seeking Higher Ground

The Texas spiny lizard is usually quite shy, however, today he posed for a portrait atop an old ladder in the garden. I've never been able to approach one with camera in hand; they typically make a hasty retreat.  I guess he was reluctant to leave higher ground.

On top of a wetter than average spring, we've received over 13" of torrential rain this month.  The backyard is a mosh pit and there are many drowning plants.  Among them: native columbine, Texas betony and lamb's ear.  No surprise that oak leaf hydrangea and river fern are content and taking it all in stride.  There are insect infestations and snails galore. Blood thirsty mosquitoes are swarming.

It's brutal out there.

But, you will not hear me complain.  After experiencing so many years of drought, especially the summer of 2011, I promised myself I would never utter a word of complaint about too much rainfall.  Ever.  I just never expected keeping the promise to be so hard.


  1. Wonderful pic of the Texas spiny lizard. We had a couple in our garden, however I haven't seen them in a long time. Glad you are safe, I've been seeing terrible pictures of flooding around Austin. We are definitely making up for the lack of rainfall for the past couple of years, just wish it didn't come all at one time.

  2. I can't complain about rain anymore, either, after our terrible drought of 2012. Unless it's so bad people are hurt or killed. It's a bad news/good news event this year, isn't it? Good news that the drought is over for Texas and Oklahoma, but bad news that people have lost their lives and homes. Your lizard is handsome ... and smart! Glad you're safe, Cat!

  3. Just about everything has been moving to higher ground. I wonder about the snakes and everything else that lives underground. WHen will it ever end. I want to see the sun and so does your lizard.

  4. Terrific photos. Desperate situations sometimes create temporary truces, if not actual trust. We had a colony of egg carrying ants trying to move up and in to our house yesterday and I can't blame them, though we have no intentions to create even a temporary ark. Proximity yes, housemates, no. I'll be a much happier camper when there are no pressing reasons to check the forecast and radar maps every AM first thing.

  5. We've had a wetter than usual spring but nothing compared to you. It's welcome here because the last several years have been very dry. I hope you continue to get rain but in more moderate amounts.

  6. So glad to hear you are safe Cat...and I try not to complain about snow or even our small droughts. With our early heat mosquitoes are in record numbers here too.


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